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Cards Against Humanity

Description: This article is about a game called cards against humanity, it shows the game that was held on the Ellen Show, the host and the guests play this game.

How many of you have played the game, cards against humanity? So here I pick the category and you’re going to pick the card and then I’ll turn my back and I’ll figure out who picks the funniest card, you see if you’re going to match.

I’m going to say okay, I will turn around and not look. The first one is what never fails to liven up the party, I now turn them over, but you probably mixed them up and they are not in order, extremely tight pants, my humps, the miracle of childbirth, they are all good but I’m going to go with the miracle of childbirth. I think you choose the tight pants and you choose my humps, I know that because we’ve been danced at a party.

So I remove these, now let’s see, I drink to forget…, I drink to forget your weird brother, the daddy issues, lumberjack fantasies, I’m going to go with the lumberjack fantasies. Let’s see the next one, a romantic candlelit dinner would be incomplete without… a can of whoop-ass, puberty, full frontal nudity, I’m going to say full frontal nude.

You win Julian, a blender.

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