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Duel Review Cards Against Humanity

Description: This is a review of the game called cards against humanity, in which you can read how to play this and where to buy as well as some personal opinions on the game of the author.

Today’s review is about cards against humanity. It came out around 2011, it is a game that you get your friends who can’t be offended by words together and hopefully you know them a little bit because it’s all about guessing.

We have a main card with a sentence that has a blank, then you choose the card that you think fits the best in the blank from a couple of cards in your hand, and the players shuffle them together, then the person that read the sentences inline and picks the one he likes best.

So this game is more interesting if all the players know each other very well and can get the humor of each other because this game is all about guessing, that’s why this game can be unfair. Sometimes, this game can get too far because there might be some weird things, so every player definitely has some personalities to get over that. This games is adult enough, and also immature, it’s of the adult persuasion, you have to think it twice before bringing it up. So this is a game for those adults who want to be immature. And it is a good game for parties.

You can buy the actual pack online, I would highly recommend going to the city website cards against, it’ll give you the the actual cards at $25 and the expansions are$10, the only place you can get the expansion is online, you can’t download those yet.

The only drawback I can think of is that they don’t offer nerd stuff, they only have gross stuff, and I think it is only good for four people, if there are more people, you can only keep going.

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