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Where To Buy Cards Against Humanity And My Personal Review Cards Against Humanity

Description: This article is mainly focusing on introducing how to play cards against humanity and where to buy this game with the most reasonable price as well as the personal review of the author upon this game.

I purchased the expansion pack for the cards against humanity game and I found the best deal on this by using a link, I love when they come out with new expansion packs because what they make the game fresh and interesting. If you are not familiar with the cards against humanity, it is a great game, but not for children.

There are black cards and white cards in the game, now everyone has ten white cards and ten black cards, now one person picks up a black card and there’s a phrase with a blank on it, then you are going to use the white card to fill in the blanks.

Now the person with the black card turns around, so he cannot see who’s putting down which white card and those white cards have funny sayings on them, he will pick up the white cards and read them then decide which one he likes or which one was the funniest. Then that person that he choose gets the black card.

Now this game is fun because you can make up your own rules to it, there are a lot of different versions of this game that you can play, it’s a lot of fun.

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