CareCredit Login Alternative No Credit Patient Finance Options

Description: This is a passage about carecredit login. Patient financing is discussed including shortcomings, common complaints and alternatives. Patient Payment Solutions offers payment plans for dentists, chiropractors and other healthcare providers.

Thank you for joining me health care providers. My name is Dr. Cameron Kmet and I’m with patient payment solutions. Today I’m going to be talking to you about Care Credit and some of the Care Credit alternatives that we offer your patient payment solutions.

Probably the biggest criticism that we hear about Care Credit is the fact that it’s oftentimes a low approval rating and our percentage, so it’s oftentimes frustrating when we take a patient through our potential patient through the application process.

It can take 20 to 30 minutes in some cases and at the end they’re declined. What do we do at that point and leaves you in a conundrum? There’s nothing more frustrating than having a patient who wants care and who needs care but finances aren’t allowing them to receive the services that you offer.

One of the other criticisms we hear a lot is the fact that Care Credit has some fine print and a lot of times patients feel scammed or feel like they’re being taken advantage of even though we offer a three or six month or twelve month 0% promotional option.

If they happen to be late one month or miss a payment for whatever reason maybe they have a small remaining balance at the end of that promotional period, they’ve been accruing interest the entire duration when that credit was issued and lead to some big bills that they weren’t expecting.

That can oftentimes reflect poorly on your office, at patient payment solutions we offer an auto finance option that is not credit based, it’s a hundred percent approval which means that if you’re willing to offer a payment plan to that patient for your services and they are approved, our system ensures that the money is deposited directly into your account.

They’re not having to write a check every single month or every single time they come, the nice thing about our system is that it is very flexible, you decide on any fees or percentage for offering a payment plan and all the terms, so whether you decide to offer, a down payment is up to you, .

You get to decide on the length of the payment plan, how much you’re willing to accept, all of those are up to you or up to the office, we’re going to do all the follow-up for you which is nice, we’re going to typically get a much higher rate of collections in the typical healthcare providers office which tends to be low.

We are going to do all the follow-up again, if a patient payment is rejected or declined, we’re going to do the follow-up calls, we’re going to do the letters and ultimately get you paid, that’s going to take a lot of the stress off of your plate and a lot of the headaches that go along with trying to hunt down money that’s owed to you. If you’re interested, give us a call or leave your comments below.

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