My Call With Cashnetusa Login

Description: This passage is mainly about cashnetusa login. In this passage, the writer shows us a call between him and Cashnet USA and tells us that Cashnet USA has sold his personal information to a third party collector which is a scam.

I need to speak to somebody in your fraud department, someone’s trying to get money out of me saying that they’re from CashNet and they’ve got all my identification information, thank you for quality and purposes, this call may be monitored and recorded as well, I don’t have either one of those, I will give you the last four of my social security number which is six eight eight six.

Let me explain my situation and why I won’t give you my social security number, I’m calling you because someone is calling me and telling me that they have purchased my loan from CashNet USA and along with it, all of my personal information, such as security number and date of birth, and they have purchased the debt from you.

Now I have to pay them $900, my email address will be Jeremy Herbert at, that’s correct, I’m sure that I’m not going to come up in anything, I may be back in 2008 but I’m sure that I can get that, hold on one second, are you still there? I’m trying to find it, please be patient with me.

It will be two six two seven five eight nine one six four, my callback number is seven one five nine one seven one zero zero zero, so Cashnet USA has sold my loan to a third-party collector, what is the phone number to the third party collector that you have sold it to? Now I’m going to tell you what’s going on.

There’s a person calling me and telling me that I’m going to be in all kinds of trouble if I don’t pay this loan, and they’re saying that Cashnet has sold them the loan, now here’s the problem, Cashnet has sold my social security number and my date of birth and all of my application information to a company that is now using that information to try and scam me out of money a lot.

The company is trying to scam me, first of all this is written off on my credit report as a charge off, so I can’t be liable for any of it, I want to know who and where Cashnet gets the right to sell my social security number to someone who’s using it to scam, now if you’re receiving threatening, call police to follow you.

Get their college from Cashnet USA or they represent the company’s status, they’re trying to run a scam to make you send them money and this is not coming from Cashnet USA at all, so CashNet never gives up my social security number.

I know what they’re up to and I’m trying to bust them and I’ve already done it, why don’t you do that? You have my email address, you can send it there too, that’s good, I’ve already done that, I’ve called the Sheriff’s Department in the Federal Trade Commission.

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