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Chase Bank Login How to Use Chase Quick Deposit

Description: The article is about chase bank login. The author introduces a mobile application which can be used for depositing your cheque online. The application is free and easy to use,you can finish your cheque depositing by taking photos of your cheque through your phone.

I’m Jen from go banking,today I’m going to discuss the benefits and the process of depositing your cheque online through a mobile application. A lot of my friends have asked me that if it is worth to use mobile banking applications,the answer to that is yes.

For one thing,it’s free and another thing is that you don’t have to stand in lines for long periods of time,it’s easy to use. I will walk you through the process now. What you’ll need to start using Chase quick deposit is that you need to first set up a Chase online account through your personal computer,the second step is to have your smartphone handy such as an iPhone or Android phone. Third,you need to download the chase mobile application on your phone,finally you need to grab your cheque and get ready to start.

Now that you have the chase application installed,you can tap the icon to get started. You need to enter your chase online username and password then click deposit,now it’s time to take a picture of your cheque. You can press the cheque front button to take a picture of the front of the cheque and activate your phone’s camera,you can turn the phone over,you need to position the camera so that the entire cheque is within the borders of the box shown on the screen.

When you’re ready to take a picture,you can click the camera button on the phone,the application will show you a preview and ask if you’d like to retake it,if you want to retake it,you can press retake. If you like to use that image,you can click use.

From here you’ll need to take a picture of the back of the cheque,before taking a picture you need to make sure that the cheque is fully endorsed,you need to make sure the cheque remains within the border of the screens box. When you’re ready,you can press the camera button.

If you’re satisfied with the image,you can go ahead and click use,you can take the image again. From here you’ve already entered all of the required information in the fields and have successfully taken pictures of the front and back of the cheque. Now all you need to do is clicking Next.

An email will be sent to you once the deposit has been received by the bank,in my experience it will take up to three to five business days to have the funds fully cleared. Here is one quick tip,before discarding of the cheque,you can keep this on hand until the funds have fully cleared,once the funds have cleared then you can securely dispose of the cheque as necessary.

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