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A Review of Chase Freedom Credit Card at Chase Com Verifycard. Com

There economic invincibility back and I’m going to be breaking up the combo. Today, by doing another credit card review, that’s going to be about this little goober, the chase freedom cash back card, which I have to say is hands down. One of the best cash back cards out there and while I know that it sounds like a paid advertisement said, I could get the plastic surgery to look like Kanye West, but that is entirely aside.

This is a solid card. I first got involved with it. I’ve had the Discover ID card for a while dabbled in some other programs and then I discovered the chase card largely. Because I was looking for something if I went abroad, which would be a little bit more usable.

The only problem with discovery is that outside of like Canada, US and some parts of Europe, most people don’t accept it. So it’s always MasterCard or Visa, so it is a little bit of a downside, but I wanted a card that had some similar benefits. So I looked into the chase freedom and said, it  sounds pretty sexy and I decided to pursue it similar to comparative cards.

It has the quarterly cash back benefit, so you activate it and you choose different categories. So at the beginning of the year, you have department stores online shopping, you get 5% back on purchases up to $1500 in those respective categories. And then you get 1% cash back on everything else unlimited, which apparently Discover IT as well.

I didn’t know when I signed up, so I don’t know if that’s a newer thing. I just overlooked it at the time, which is a pretty nice benefit well in line with the higher echelon players. When it comes to cash back and in addition, when you get out of the website, you have access to many online shopping deals. These are companies like Pro Flowers, Proactiv, Nike, Lowe’s, Apple.

And there are different rates that you get additional cash back by shopping through them, some of which are not humbled by any means. You’re not going to like twenty five percent, ten percent cash back in addition. So you can save some serious money if you start stacking those benefits in terms of the financials, you have APR between 13 and 23%, which is relatively standard and the aesthetics of the site, which I always like to go into these videos.

Bank for clunkers, the type of bank websites that don’t really function well. But at the end of the day, you’re not getting this card for how easy it is, taxes the website, the router for the card itself. And once you get into the website, it’s relatively simple to find everything you need. One of the main selling points of the Chase Freedom Card is that if there’s a current special running now and I’ve seen it running for a while.

I assume that’s pretty much, always going to be there. If you spend five hundred dollars from the first three months of being a cardholder, they give you $150 cash back, which is pretty solid because that means you only spend $350 in addition. They have a nice referral program, so if you were really nice, I’m going to send him through private message, a throwaway email address and a first name, I put that into the form. They sent you a registration link and they send me 50 dollars.

You don’t have to do that unless you really want to. But the point is that it’s pretty nice referral program, because a lot of referral programs are just a mess and they make it so that you basically sign someone up. But you don’t actually get anything, but that one’s so simplistic to appreciate their overall.

The Chase Freedom Card is a solid choice and it has a supreme benefit like many others, no annual fee. In fact you shouldn’t get a credit card with an annual fee, unless you spend so much that it justifies it. But I would still argue in most cases, you can get a credit card with equivalent benefits that don’t have any idea fee.

Because there’s so much competition and so this is a solid card and I’ve heard different opinions on it. Some people say you need credit history, others say no, and you can get it right out of the gate at any rate. This is a solid card to start with great bet. It’s well worth considering.

If you enjoy this review and want to see more, if there’s a particular credit card or financial program, you’d like to see review here or just in general advice about college education jobs, I’ve tangled with a rhinoceros. I still have a beautiful model face, so I will tie that together.

I can give you some pretty positive advice in that regard and the more you know, and the more we may be educated and enlightened, the more inclined you are to be a tango dancer and not a drone, which is a positive thing.

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