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Card of the Month Chase Ink Cash 50k UR Historic High Verifycard

Description: The article talks about a card named chase verifycard. It is a business card which can be used to save your money and deal with points. People will benefit a lot by using this card. However,you need to liable for your card or you may get in trouble.

We’re going to talk about the card of the month from March of 2018. That card is the chasing cash card. One thing to be aware of is this is a business card. We’ll talk about why that’s important. Even if you don’t have a traditional business or you don’t have an LLC or C Corp RS Corp,you might still be able to get this card. The reason why it is the card of the month is because a sign up bonus for it now is $500 after $3,000 of minimum spend.

Technically it’s not $500. Even though in all of their marketing materials they have mentioned that. The reason is for the lower tier chase cards,they tend to mention the cash back numbers because they realize that people who looking towards those cards probably don’t want to deal with points as well as travel.

If you have other cards like the Chase Sapphire Preferred the Reserve or the chase Inc preferred,you’re going to be able to transfer the points from the sign up bonus to those cards and get substantially more value. If you are a bit new to this or if you have the CSP,you’re getting one point two five cents per point.

When you’re booked using a travel portal CSR,you’re going to get one point five cents per point. If you want to do transfer partners,you can typically get about two cents per point sometimes even a lot more. This means that 50,000 points is going to be 625750 or maybe even up to a thousand or two thousand dollars respectively depending on how you want to use those points.

The reason why this is the card of the month is that abnormal sign up offer is only twenty thousand points. That’s a big jump about two hundred and fifty percents. In absolute values,if you’re looking to redeem these towards cash back,that will be a 300 dollar difference obviously. But if you’re looking to redeem it towards travel,the thirty thousand points is going to four hundred and fifty dollars. Be aware even though that the minimum spent is a bit higher.

Instead of a normal two thousand dollars,it’s going to be three thousand dollars. Most people here will happy to get a sign up bonus. It will be two hundred and fifty percent higher. Another way to think of it. If you’re looking to use the Chase Sapphire Reserve cardm,you’re spending an extra thousand dollars hopefully money that you’re already planning to spend to get four hundred and fifty dollars in extra travel.

As a side note,if you are new to this,the goal here is to maximize money you are already spending in order to get either free travel or extra cash back. Outside of the sign up bonus,this is also a good keeper card so you’re going to get no annual fee and you will have a lot of multipliers.

Specifically you’re getting 5x back up to $25,000 in total for office supply stores as well as internet cable and phone services. Be aware that the cap is $25,000 for all of these categories and not for each one. If you spend $25,000 on internet, you don’t have a new $25,000 for office supplies, you can get to expect in the first twenty five thousand dollars for gas stations as well as restaurants.

You can get one expect everywhere else and there’s no cap for that. For most people,I don’t think it makes sense to use it at the 1x back mark. But for the two weeks for gas as well as for the 5x categories,those are pretty beneficial. If you do a lot of shopping or eating at places where typically sell gift cards,I think this is a pretty good solution. Chipotle or Banana Republic are easy examples. The main reason is because you can oftentimes go to these office supply stores and buy gift cards for these retailers.

Before applying for this card,there are two major things you need to know. The first one is it is a business card. I’m going to explain that towards the end of the article because I feel I’ve done that spiel a few times already. The second part is this card is affected by Chase 5:24. This means if you have five or more new credit cards in the last 24 months then you’re not going to be eligible for this card.

For these new accounts,we’re specifically talking about credit cards,they are not mortgages not student loans not line of credits,they are credit cards. Take that to your note. If you are looking to apply for the chasing cash card,you’re looking to apply for the card,you can use the links on our site. You’re going to be able to find this card under business cards. If you’re someone at 4:24 and you want to make sure that you’re playing the game right or you’re not missing out on anything,there is the way we can talk about strategy.

One final thing is that if you are someone who has a chasing preferred card,you can get the chase in cash card again because it’s considered as a separate product. It says once every two years for the same exact products. So if you have chase in cash,you need to choose different cards. That’s not going to be a problem. One thing you need to be aware of is if you currently hold a chase in cash card,then you’re not going to be eligible for a sign up bonus even if you have not done the chase in cash card bonus in the last two years.

Let’s say you have to chase a plus card and then your product change. Then you have to cancel that card or to upgraded the chasing preferred card in order to get the cash card signup bonus. It sounds a bit confusing but hopefully that makes sense. The main takeaway is you can’t hold the chase in cash card and you can’t have gotten the bonus in the last two years and then you’re good to go.

Jumping to the credit cards bill even if you don’t have a business in the traditional sense as long as you’re considered as a sole proprietorship. You’re going to be fine for the chasing cash card. A sole proprietorship means that you’re providing some form or service. If I start doing computer repairs or if I start giving nutritional advice or fitness advice,piano lessons,teaching people how to do math,as long as you’re driving income from it and you’re operating as yourself,you’re considered as a sole proprietor.

This may vary by state. But I know for California,you don’t need any other documentation so you don’t need a DBA as long as you operate as either first name last name or last name function. Last name plumbing or last name consulting that’s going to be fine. If you’re not a hundred percent sure for your state,I’d recommend spending one to two minutes Googling to make sure that you are in the green. A lot of people seem to be very afraid of applying for business cards. The bar for this is relatively low because anyone can be operate something on the side. I feel like most people especially young people have a side hustle.

For a card like the chasing cash card,you’re probably going to be fined or have five hundred two thousand dollars in revenue and operate for a year. The reason why chase doesn’t care as much as you think they would is because you’re still personally liable. You default on it and you don’t pay it off,they’re going to come after you. When you sign up for the card,you specifically check that you are going to be liable for all of these expenses. The one big area where it’s very important to split personal stuff and business stuff is if you’re worried about making claims.

If you rent a car and you end up crashing it,then you want to rely on a CDW. If they want to be annoying about it,they may ask if you rented this car in a business card is that really a business expense or is it a personal trip? If you don’t want to have that risk,that’s something you need to consider. For most people,if you’re doing photography,if you’re doing consulting,buying your computer buying a camera are going to be part of the business. I think it is going to be fine.

I hope that was helpful and let me know if you have any questions. My question for you guys is when do you think this offer is going to end. It seems very good.

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