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Chase Freedom Credit Card Best Credit Card Best Cashback Card $175 Bonus Link YT10

Description : This article is mainly about the latest Chase Freedom Card. It also introduces the change between the latest and the old, the benefit to apply for it .

That’s a great introduction APR for people who like to carry a balance.

When you apply for this card, you are going to get one hundred and fifty dollars for spending five hundred dollars in the first three months. If you add an authorized user to your card,you will get an additional$25.So that’s a cool hundred and seventy five dollars in your pocket for something that is going to make your profit .

If we compare the latest Chase Freedom Card with the old Chase Freedom Card,then we will see there’s a little design changed.It has become dark blue and light blue, the big logo has moved to the left, but who cares what we are talking about. This is not the chase Unlimited, but the chase freedom.

Let’s discuss the rotating categories which Chase has just announced for January February March of 2018.The categories will be awesome, if you get your Chase Freedom Card on time and if you go and activate your 5% back bonus categories, you’ll get 5% back on your gas station purchases.

Your internet cable or full service purchases and any purchases that you do will use chase pay,Android pay,Apple pay or Samsung pay.It’s very easy to max out what we know.

Chase says that you’ll only get your maximum cash back up to $1500 spend every quarter.It’s not every category and every month but every quarter.So if you were to spend $1,500 in January February March on these bonus categories which are gas internet cable phone services and anything that you can borrow, your Apple pay,Android pay,chase pay ,then you will get 5% back. It’s very simple that straight $75 extra in your pocket.

We know that chase pay,Apple pay and Android pay,these mobile payments are very available everywhere.With your mobile phone,you can buy groceries and do shopping when you’re online a lot of times.

Before you check out, they will give you an Apple pay checkout option if you’re on your Dunkin Donuts app buying coffee.If you want to reload your Dunkin Donuts good card,you have an option to choose Apple pay out. You can add this card on your mobile phone and much max out January February March easily.

In this video,I’m going to explain to you how to activate the software. Because a lot of times people don’t do that and they don’t get the 5% back.I’m also going to make a quick video on how to make sure whether you’ll be a part of this and whether your Apple page default card is your chase freedom so that every time you do an Apple pay with your mobile phone,you’re not worried about using some of the cards.

You’ll simply use your Chase Freedom Card and bam you’ll get your cash back 5% cash back straight without even any effort,so wrap up this video.I’m simply going to say if you have the Chase Freedom Card,make sure you activate your bonus offers for the January February March months and add it to your mobile payment system so that you can use it every time.

There is a mobile payment system available for those people who still don’t have the Chase Freedom Card.Go click on the link down below and get the Card expressed shipped to you.Use it for January February March and it’s not about January February March in the coming months.

The categories I need are going to be created.I’m sure they’re going to be groceries,restaurants and shopping.This card is going to be of great use throughout the year.

In the next few videos, you will see in continuation how to activate your cashback and how to make your Chase Freedom Card the default card on your Apple mobile phones.Stay tuned and Happy New Year.

let’s straight get to the point.You have to have the Chase Freedom Card for 2018. If you don’t click on the link below. Apply for one and ask them to express ship it to you for free.I got mine which I applied two days back and within two business days they can express ship
it to you for free.

I know I’m making this video late, but then better late than never .The reason why I am saying that you should have the chase feed up guard for 2018 is that it’s got some great perks.

What’s so great about this card?It is a zero dollar annual fee card.I like zero dollar annual fee cards very much and this card has an intro APR of 0% for the first 15.

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