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ITerminal How to Log in to Your Account Card Services

Description : The topic of this article is about how to log in to your account . Through this passage , you will know the convenience of using I terminal to accept payments and three steps to operate .

You can use I terminal to accept payments wherever your business takes.It’s my job to show you how.Let’s start by going over how to log into your I terminal account.

First go to Chase Payment comm,then click on merchants login, select I terminal from the drop-down menu and click go.

Next enter your user name and click login, then you’ll have a couple of options.If you’re a new user,follow the prompts to set up your security settings for returning users.On a new computer, you may need to answer a few additional questions so that we can verify it’s you who logging into your account.

Finally enter your password and click Submit.Then you’re logged in and ready for business.

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