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New Chase Verify Card Iberia Visa Full Breakdown

Description: The article is about chase verifycard. It is related to an introduction about the New Chase Iberia Visa Signature Card, from the materials, we can see some information about its background, characteristics, benefits and the comparisons between this card and other cards.

Everyone at credit shufoo here, today we are going to be looking at this new card from chase, the chase liberia visa signature card, this card earns the points or a V owes of Iberia which is Spain’s national airline and Iberia Airlines that merge with British Airways in a company called I AG international alliance group.

So the points they earn are the same points a B owes although they go into different accounts, but they can be transferred between British Airways and Iberia, so at first glance when you look at the sign-up bonus and some of the terms of conditions of this card, it looks like almost the exact same card as the chase British Airways Visa Signature card.

When you look into it a little bit further, you start to see some differences, but when you go further into terms and conditions, you start to see that those differences are not so different, it is a very similar card to the British Airways visa signature card from chase.

So let’s delve into this card, have a look at it, first, we’ll look at some of the similarities, the things are the same, then we’ll look at some of the differences and we’ll weigh up which card is better for whom, so first of all, you will notice at first glance that the signup bonuses on both of these cards, the Iberia visa signature and the British Airways visa signature are exactly the same.

You spend $3,000 in the first three months and you get 50,000 euros with Iberia its Iberia Avios with the British Airways one, its British Airways, if you spend a further ten thousand dollars in your first year, you will get another twenty-five thousand abuse in your account.

So in total, the sign-up bonus is up to 75,000 Avios, the difference is that with the Iberia card, with Iberia abbey, owes the 75,000 point sign-up bonus is enough for a return business class flight to Europe, it’s only 68,000 a B owes return in business class between New York and Madrid, that’s in the off-peak season.

With British Airways between New York and London, it would be a hundred thousand points return in business class in the off-peak season, you’d also have to pay those high carrier charges that you get on or the showers which suck, but the thing about this is that we’ve done a video about this before.

If you learn the sign up bonus on the British Airways card, you could transfer your Abby owes over to Iberia and then book that Iberia business class reward ticket as long as both your British Airways and your Iberia account had been open for 90 days.

So it’s not that different after all, now let’s have a look at the point earning both cards earn 3 X, so 3 points per dollar on their respective Airlines, when you look at the idea one, it mentions that this card earns 3x on Iberia British Airways Aer Lingus and open skies the British Airways one at first glance, it only seems to earn 3x on British Airways.

But when you delve into the terms and conditions, you discover that it is indeed 3 X 3 points per dollar on British Airways Iberia and open skies as well, so it’s the same those cards have no foreign transaction fees and also a 95 dollar annual fee that isn’t waived for the first year.

Let’s look at the differences and there are two areas where there are some different things between these carts, so first of all, both cards offer a companion discount or bonus after spending $30,000 in a calendar year.

But they are quite different, so you see on the Iberia card, you have this $1,000 discount voucher, but when you look at the description of it, it’s only a discount when you book two tickets together, so it is a companion discount and it’s valued, it’s a set value of $1000 on British Airways you have what is called a Companion award voucher.

So this is a voucher for a companion ticket whatever the value when you book a ward ticket, you can’t pay with money for this, so there has to be award availability for two people on that flight for you to be able to use it which makes it a little bit more limited and you’re going to have to do your research and be someone who delves in and looks for award availability and is willing to adjust their dates and and that kind of thing to be able to get the most value out of this.

But potentially, the British Airways companion voucher could get you far more value than the idea one thousand dollar companion discount, let’s have a look at a couple of examples.

First of all, it can be used on one-way or return tickets and you’re allowed stopovers, but the flights must begin and end in the u.s., two people travelling together on both outbound and return flights, so here’s the first example and this may not be so realistic, because you have to have a ward availability.

But let’s look at this, I searched one of the most expensive flights I could think of, so Seattle to London in first-class taxes and charges are one thousand two hundred ninety nine dollars, you still have to pay those, but the actual fare is eight thousand eight hundred and thirty nine dollars, so that would be a saving of almost nine thousand dollars by using this companion voucher.

However, to find a ward availability for two people in first-class, one of the same flight is much more rare, let’s have a look at another example, JFK New York to London Heathrow in business class this time taxes again 1299, the actual ticket is 2096 and it’s much more realistic to find business class award availability for two people.

Because there’s much more business class capacity, so you would be saving two thousand and ninety six dollars, that’s double, what you get from the Iberia award even though it’s less flexible, so BA is better value on this award.

But Iberia obviously has the flexibility, you can use it on a discount, on a ticket that you pay with money and now we’ll have a look at the last perk of the Iberia card which does not exist on the British Airways card is that you get 10% off Iberia flights, you have to book through this URL Iberia com forward slash chase ten.

I had a look at this website, currently, it says Lawson Tomas la pagina care has solicited oh no está disponible, I’m guessing it’s because I’m not signed in to chase with the card, the page isn’t showing for me.

So I’m sure if you have the card and you logged into Chase and then you went to that website, you would get through and you would be able to book these discounted tickets for the British Airways card doesn’t have that for British Airways, there are other ways to get discounts like being an AARP member $200 discount on business and first and $65 discount on economy and premium economy.

But that is something that obviously is a little bit better on the Iberia card, so in conclusion, looking at these two cards, they are very similar, if you look at the Terms and Conditions look, that’s one and then that’s the other one, there is no difference, they’re exactly the same in terms of interest rates and fees.

All that kind of stuff, it’s for the two areas the companion award and the 10% discount obviously with a companion award, the British Airways, one is more suitable for big spenders who are able to accumulate huge amounts of Abby owes enough to book those expensive tickets, expensive business class and first-class tickets, we’re having a companion voucher that would save you a lot of money on that.

The Iberia card is better suited for people who are traveling more frequently in economy transatlantic, 10% discount each time, you get that $1,000 voucher which could realistically get you one economy ticket for free, the taxes or whatever, depending on the time of the year.

So that’s my conclusion, the Iberia is better for people who spend less and want more immediate rewards, but lower value and the British Airways, one would be more suitable for someone who perhaps spends quite a lot and perhaps will do one very expensive trip per year and is willing to adjust their dates and all that kind of stuff to fit in with a water availability to maximize the companion voucher.

Everything else about these two cards is the same sign-up bonus, it’s the same, the point earning is the same, so I hope you’ve enjoyed this little introduction to the New Iberia visa signature card from Chase, it is now live, you can apply for it.

If you are interested, just one little note about this card, you can’t downgrade, so if you do sign up to it to get the sign-up bonus and then when you want to downgrade it to a no annual fee card later on, you can’t do that, you have to cancel it, that’s a little consideration for you, let me know what you think in the comments below, please subscribe for more credit card tips and tricks, we’ll see you next time.

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