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Description: The article is mainly going to give us some information about credit stuff and the ways on how to build your credit and how it starts that chase credit journey.

Today I’m going to talk about credit stuff and how to build your credit and how it starts that credit journey. The first things you want to do is to find out where you’re at and you can do that by getting an account on credit karma or free credit report, because it tells you about TransUnion and Equifax.

Free credit report will tell you about your experience and it’s important to know about all three, because random weird things can be on there and you need to be able to look at it and know what’s going on.

Once you do that, you’ll find you’re in either one of two camps, you’re either got bad credit or you got no credit history, but we can tape it, today I’m only going to talk about what to do if you have no credit history.

If you have bad credit, it’s like a Madrid of things that could be making a credit bad, but if you have no credit, you need to look in your personal circle and see if someone and your personal circle does have good credit.

Then you can smoosh up to them now, if you can be an authorized user or if they’ll cosine with you on a card, that’s definitely good for younger people, your parents have good credit that you can get a discover student card or a chase card, you can have them as a cosigner so that you can practice having a credit card and stuff.

If you happen to not knowing well about good credit or know anyone that would mind co-signing with you, you should definitely try getting a shark card. Why do you want to go shark art? Shark arts are good to start the foundation of your credit, they have many different shortcuts.

You can try Emily stuff down in the description, but you can try getting premiere one credit orchid, those types of cards, they’re going to come with high interest and an annual fee, but it should get some history.

Once you get the card, you want to buy small things like gum, gas or grocery, you can easily pay off at the end of the month and you do that for about a year and a half, two years and then you can move on to a nicer card and cancel the shortcut.

If you have no credit history, get a store card, they can stay with you for a long time, you’re going to continue using amazon or victory cigar, you won’t need to cancel it and you can keep building history.

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