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My Credit Journey Chase Credit

Description: The author mainly wants to show us something about his chase credit journey, containing the methods of how to repair and build your credit journey account.

When you start to repair and build your credit, you have to keep on, if you get one credit card, that’s fine, if you’re a person who don’t want to deal with the credit card, get one revolving account that is going to assist you at building credit.

If you don’t have a revolving account, a cardinal will not do it alone, my advice to you is to keep going, I raise my four hundred low four hundred credit score to a six seventy between six months and a year six seventy.

By that time, I was like 20, I remember walking in the bank and the banker said he sat back in his chair, you have excellent credit, I do circuit, my advice to you is to get your credit together, get a schedule, a consultation with me to go over your credit report, find out what you need to do.

A lot of people think they have bad credit when they’re not building credit, you may not even qualify for credit repair, but you may need some guidance, so contact me with my email address, if you can share these information, I will put the information in caption, so that you can contact me, get your credit together.

This economy is only going to get harder. Why not go ahead assist your social for the future and go to get educated now? I have a good day for bus, today I wanted to say something on my credit earnings, how I had to keep going, how I couldn’t stop, why it was important for me to keep going and what I’ve learned.

Let’s go back in 2004, my credit score was in the low 400, I got denied for a car and I needed a car at the time, I got denied for a place to stay, I didn’t have thousands of dollars to pay, these people that I own get approved for the things.

I found out that credit report can be inaccurate, they can have items on there, so I didn’t do it myself, I hired somebody, because I didn’t have the time, I was a student and I work full time, so I didn’t have the time to do my own credit.

But through what that person taught me, through more researches, more learning, more training, I was able to take my credit from those 400 along with the help of the gentleman, I was able to take my credit from the 400 to a 670 with for six months to a year.

I never gave up, I didn’t stop, I found something about credit, if I had good credit, I work hard, I take care of my kids, my main concern was to take care of my kids, but when I ran out of money, I need to have credit, I need a health critic, so that’s why I always say credit is king and the knowledge of how to use it is power.

Going from the low 400, people say they can’t help you, connect two thousand six months, do you have a cosigner? I got tired of hearing that stuff, I got tired of saying I’m a grown woman with kids, why do I need my mother to co-sign over my father to co-sign for me, I’m grown, I pay my own bills better not enough, but what if I was growing, I would have handled my creditor look better.

if I was fat, my thing is with credit, you have to keep going, you have to keep going, I’m going to do my credit card, pay my bills on time and then call yourself to stop you, if you stop building your credit and building history, your credit report is going to go in egg, it does not necessarily saying in excess as nobody can’t pull it, but the accounts are going to close your score, it is going to go lower and then you’re going to be back at square woman trying to build up that history again, trying to get yourself situated.

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