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Description: The article mainly contains the benefits, the perks, the rewards, the extra bonuses of the chase freedom unlimited card, we can see the reasons why the author highly recommends it.

My name is lovely and I’m coming to you today from Pei it for credit help on Facebook group. I want to discuss with you today why this card is a very good.

This is the best court, as far as the benefits, the perks, the rewards, the extra bonuses that you can get with it, I will tell you why I say that, with the chase freedom unlimited card for the first 18 months, you have an APR and your percentage rate of zero, so there’s no interest for the first 18 months, so you can make purchases and carry over balance.

You don’t have to worry about being charged interest, so that’s like the best perk of all for the first 18 months, it also has 1.5 percent cashback unlimited on everything that you purchased, so it’s not like some of those cars where you have to purchase gas or groceries to get the UM cashback, it’s unlimited.

What you can do with that cash back? You can either cash it out, that will go to any bank account that you want to put it on or put it back to your court account, you can cash it out as a gift card.

There are so many different ways. You can use it for travel, all kinds of different perks that you can use your rewards, you don’t have to use it the same way, another good thing about the chase freedom unlimited, hit visa card is that it has a lot of perks, one of the things that made me jump on it was that if you purchase five hundred dollars, if you use your car the first five hundred dollars in three months, you spent five hundred dollars, they give you a $150 cash back bonus.

There are not so many cars out there, that is a wonderful park which means as long as you spend five hundred dollars in the first three months, you get a hundred and fifty dollars cash back that you can either put back on your core, pay your cord off with or you can cash it out as cash to you.

There’s purchase protection which covers your new purchases for 120 days against damage or theft up to five hundred dollars per claim and fifty thousand dollars per account, so I use my car and I purchased the PlayStation 4 and I used that car, I purchased PlayStation 4 and I go out of town for the weekend and someone Rob’s my house and my playstation 4.

It is one of the things that come up missing Chase is going to reimburse me for that up to $500 and that’s about how much PlayStation 4 is running about now, so that’s a very good perk, a lot of cars would do that, so that’s one of the good things about the chase unlimited freedom car.

One of the perks that they have is auto rental collision damage waiver, but when you rent a car, you don’t have to buy that insurance from the rental company, you can use your car and it’ll automatically give you some insurance for coverage.

There are fraud alerts, there’s some roadside assistance, I don’t see why anybody would not want this car, I’m so grateful that I heard about it and that I applied for my credit score at this time and I did apply for was 725 and I was weary.

When I first did my submitted my application, I didn’t get approved immediately, it was telling me that it needed some review, so my application went on the review and I got nervous and I’ve been working hard building my credit to where it is now.

I don’t need a rejection, I need a heart inquiry, that’s not the result in some credit, I was a little worried, I found the reconsideration line and this is something that everybody should know about.

When you apply for a car, you need to make sure if you don’t get approved immediately, you find the reconsideration line number, it is usually a 800 number which we can call and you can talk to a credit specialist being in there.

They will look over your application and they’ll discuss it with you, so I got the numbers to the reconsideration line, I think two days after, I applied not even a day, after I applied and I called and they were telling me that they wanted to decline me.

I like to review my accountant, so it was a nice lady, I talked to her, they were declining me, the reason that they decided to decline me was that I had a fight alert on my account, so my phone number didn’t match what was on the fire light which is the weirdest thing.

It didn’t have a phone number on my fight alert, so it immediately was kicking it back and I held up, wait a minute, I called Equifax which was the UM credit bureau that had to fight alert, I had everything straightened out.

After that, it took a few days when I call back, I spoke to a lady on the reconsideration line, so at this point, you have to know what’s on your credit report, when you call in and talk to these people, because they are going to dissect it.

I had a copy of my credit port in front of me, there might be something on your credit report that you are not thinking about and even though you are establishing a credit even though you have a nice decent score, they ask about it.

One of the things that was on my credit report was a payday advance, I had got a few years back, I got to pay every evidence, I paid it off and then for some reason, I needed it again and some issues came up.

I changed my bank, so they can get that money and accept it on my credit report, I didn’t think anything of it. That is an actual credit, I borrow money from them, I asked for that money, I didn’t pay it back, so that hurts my credit, it looks bad, so somebody that you’re asking for credit from when they can see something on your credit report, where you didn’t pay off something that you asked for credit, you asked for a long time.

It was supposed to go by and you didn’t pay it back, the little loan was only $300, since I started working on my credit, I’d made some payment arrangements with the collection agency, they had that account and I’d already started working out an agreement to pay them a certain amount for them to delete it off my account.

So that was my rebuttal, that’s what I told her, when she asked me about it, I explained to her about what happened and everything in my situation, she asked me about a few of the other accounts that I recently had now.

I’ve done a few things, so that’s on my credit, as being new accounts in the last six months, that’s what she asked me about, I explained to her about what I was doing, when my goals are in the near future, I want to be building a new house and have my credit at a certain braiding so that when I get ready to go and apply for that mortgage or whatever I have a decent, I have a record, I have a credit worth credit worthiness that they can look at and see she has all these accounts.

She’s making payments, she’s never late, she was telling me she need to put me on hold for a moment, it took forever, but it was only about 30 seconds and then she came back she said congratulations, I will be able to approve you today, you’ve been approved for twenty five hundred dollars.

I started checking it immediately the next day, day after day, nothing updated, but I still check it and then eventually I noticed that my score dropped about thirteen points because of that hearty wait for that new car which I knew it was going to happen.

The good thing is that I got another credit line for $2,500, I’m never going to use that, that makes me need to use max, but it’s a good car to have, I found out recently, if an email from Chase invites me to get $500 worth up to $500 cash back, all I have to do is to tell my friends and other people to get a taste.

I get an additional $50 cash back on my account and you can’t beat that, it’s like unlimited perks with this card and I forgot to mention that they also have another way that you can earn more on points as if you shop through their marketplace.

I’m trying to find the right, I had all my stuff together, but I’ve been moving stuff around, but if you shop it with their own marketplace, you can get more points that way, so you get 4 percent, but cashback 15%, they got Nike, they got all the stuff that you shop all the websites.

You can get an additional amount of cash back by using it, there are so many different parts with this car, I love my other cars too, I wanted to share that with you all and that first month, I went ahead on the spent, on $500, because I wanted $250 cash back, all I did was to set it up to pay to bills, to things that I already paid.

It’s a very good court to encourage everybody to apply button, I think people get approved for choice freedom unlimited car with a score as low as four five hundred eighty five, so you don’t have to have a 700 on 750 to arm credit score to get approved, you need to know what’s on your credit report, because when they ask you questions, you got to have some good answers for them.

I’ve already made an agreement with this company, they haven’t started reporting my payments, but I can guarantee you that in the next month or two, you’ll start seeing that I’ve been paying these people even if you’re making it up.

I want to be approved instantly now, this one was not denied, but when I called, I’m trying to build my credit, I had the highest limit with my other car from my bank Navy Federal Credit Union and that one has a $1,600 credit limit, that’s the highest that I had as far as credit cards.

When she told me $2,500 for this car, I was amazed, I wasn’t expecting it, but I have been working diligently to build my credit, so I’m proud of myself, I packed my stuff on the back, I’m not letting anybody drag my credit in the dirt.

If you want to put an authorized use on your car to help them build that credit, I will not be doing it, but I’m working very hard to build my credit, so one day in the near future, I can be buying a new home for me and my family or building a home.

I want to design my whole house, I’m going to reach it, I’m almost there, I don’t want to be stuck with no high interest rate, I want to pay on it for 40 or 50 years, that’s why I’m working so diligently to fix my credit now.

When you apply for the car and you get approved, they let you know what your credit report was at the time that they ran your credit, they will tell you some of the key factors that determine the decision that everything pay attention to that.

All the credit bureaus do not have the same score, all the creditors do not have the same report, so you need to make sure you get a free copy of your report from all three girls, Equifax Experian and TransUnion.

If you want one, give me an instant message, a private message with your email address, tell me what your credit score looks like and I’ll tell you if I think it’s a good time for you to try to apply for it,

When I called and talked to that woman, I had to talk to her, she wanted to know why you got so many new accounts, you had to get all these different lines of credit and you got to be ready, you got to sell yourself, you got a bear.

Let these people believe that if they give you this credit card, you are not about to go and run it up and not pay it back, so I’ll talk to you later, I feel good to be making a new video, it’s been a while since I’ve been on here and I apologize for that, I feel like I’m neglecting the group. Chase freedom unlimited car is a very good car to have in your wallet and if your score is not where it needs to be for you to get it send me a message.

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