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Freedom Unlimited Credit Card Review Chase Freedom

Description: The article is mainly about a review of the freedom unlimited credit card from Chase. The author will show us the original freedom, the advantages and benefits we can get from using the chase card.

Today we’re going to be doing a review of the freedom unlimited card from Chase. First of all, I’m going to show you the original freedom, this guide earns one percent cashback per dollar or one percent points per dollar on everything and five percent back on rotating quarterly categories, so every three months, chase releases the list of a few different places where you can earn that five percent could be gas stations and wholesale Club, so it could be and department stores.

It’s usually one or two or even three things together, so it’s quite broad and you can pile up a lot of cash back or a lot of miles and points that way now, it’s called freedom unlimited, because it owns one point five percent cash back or points on everything, because these two cards on their own are cash back cards, but the points that they collect are still Ultimate Rewards points.

They can only be redeemed for cash back, but if you combine it with one of the two Sapphire cards from Chase, either the preferred or the reserved, you can transfer those points over to your sapphire and you can redeem them, exchange them for airline miles hotel points with 11 transfer partners.

First of all, this card comes with a $150 sign-up bonus, if you spend $500 in the first three months, it has the usual purchase protection and no annual fee, not much other perks on this card, it does have foreign transaction fees, the same as the freedom.

When it comes on that point of view, this review is going to be asking you whether you should get the freedom on limited, get the freedom, so if you’re going to combine it with either of these two cards, I’m going to take out this card, because the Sapphire reserved owns three points on travel and dining the Sapphire Preferred earns two points on travel.

If your credit score is good enough to get this one, you’re definitely going to get this one, so I’m going to take this out, we have three cards together, so these three cards could work well together.

If you want to maximize your chase points, you’ve got a 5% rotating quarterly categories three points on travel and dining and one point five points on everything else, so if you absolutely want to maximize your points, you could go for freedom unlimited and a sapphire.

However, the one point five points on everything doesn’t add that much, in my opinion, since my biggest expenses, I’ll probably travel, gas which I get every three months five percent on this one, so I feel that if I was going to choose between the freedom and the freedom unlimited, I would choose the freedom.

But you could get both and combine them to this card, if you have another family member, you already have the freedom, you could run ekam end, the freedom unlimited to someone else in your family, because chase lets you transfer points between family members.

This is my wife’s card, my wife has the freedom unlimited and then we can both transfer our points from these two freedom cards over to the Sapphire Reserve, this is a great little combination, I’ll show you how you can earn a huge amount of points in airline miles with these three cards working together.

I would say that the freedom gives you a higher earning potential, if you make the most of the quarterly categories, but if someone else in your family has it, it might be a good idea to get the freedom unlimited, it’s also a great card and comes with 0% APR for the first 15 months, $150 bonus $25 for adding an extra card.

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