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Chase Business Ink Preferred Cash Card Review Best Business Credit Card

Description:The article is about chase ink preferred. The card that the author introduces to us is the chase business ink cache which currently has an all-time high signup bonus. If you’re looking for a good business card and you have no clue you can choose this card and enjoy their services.

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Today I’m going to do a review of the chase business ink cache that currently has an all-time high signup bonus. If this is your first time here my name is Jason and I’m the founder of Nomad travel I’m a travel rewards consultant and I teach the use of travel points and miles for free travel and experience.

I am excited to talk about the chase business ink cache. This has an escalated signup bonus which is now either five hundred dollars in cash or fifty thousand chase ultimate reward points. It has no annual fee. There are tons of ways to make multipliers for a variety of different business expenses and travel expenses zero intro APR for balance transfer or new purchases. I mean this business card has them all in one. It’s also a great downgrade option if you get the the regular chase business Inc. You can downgrade if you don’t want to pay the 95 dollar annual fee on the normal ink.

This card is awesome to apply and you can get 50k sign up bonus. This card is amazing. It’s got so much to offer. If you have another Chase ultimate reward card like the or the reserve,you can do some something cool with this card. The 0% APR is crazy on the first year on purchases or balance transfers,that’s not something that you see very often on any card and especially not with a card that has benefits like this. So that’s cool.

I always talk about paying off your balance in full and you should do this. But for once if you’re not able to do that you’re not going to get penalized here outside of lowering your credit utilization,but earning 5% cash back at office supply stores,internet cable phone. That’s a lot. For gaining 5% cash back or times 5 and ultimate reward points,this card is great. If you’re buying and selling gift cards,you can make some points with that.

This 2% cash back at gas stations and restaurants are times two. You’re getting the rewards for restaurants and travel such as Sapphire Preferred. You’re also getting this. There’s no annual fee,this card has some amazing benefits. I can’t say enough good things about it. Normally this card has a $300 cash back or thirty thousand point ultimate reward bonus but now it is escalated at an all-time high of 50,000 bonus points. So within three within three months on 3k spends,it’s making less spend for the same bonus as you get on the Sapphire Preferred. It’s also a downgrade option for the normal version of the business Inc.

Other benefits here are that you can get additional employee cards at no cost. You can get all of the purchase protection,fraud protection and Renault car collision. You can expect with a travel rewards card. This has got an award for the best small business card. It’s hard to say which is better,this or the regular ink version. With this 50k sana bonus they’re close to be even without that ninety five dollar annual fee. Some of the point multipliers here are better. It depends on where you spend your money.

But if you’re looking to do gift card buying and reselling and stack points,this might be the best card on the market. I can’t say enough about this card and how excited I am to see this offer. It probably won’t last forever because it’s too good to be true. It’s an all-time high. But even at the $300 cash back or a thirty thousand point signup bonus,this card is awesome. With a no annual fee it’s a great keeper card and there are ways to earn points to earn chase ultimate reward points. I’m a chase fanboy,so I can’t say enough about this card.

You can go out and get it if you’re looking for a good business card now. It is part of the 524 so you will need to be under five twenty four to get this card but it does not count towards five twenty four if that makes sense. You need to have four or less new cards in the last 24 months to get this card. But it will not count towards one of those four twenty four or five twenty four cards that you need to have four or less and twenty four months to get approved. I hope this article is helpful for you. Let me know will you be applying to the chase business Inc cash card or the regular chase business Inc card.

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