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Capital One Journey Student Card Review Chase

Description: We will be indicated by the information about the capital one chase journey student card which is a nice offering from everyone’s favorite bank.We may also see details about chase journey programs.

Today I’ll talk about the capital one journey student card which is a nice offering from everyone’s favorite bank, if you’re starting with university to develop a credit score and the way it works they use two incentives.

First of all, one percent cashback that goes to one point two five percent each month, if you pay on time, it might not be much, but if you spend even a little bit as a student, it can certainly add up in a given year.

They also have a program where if you pay on time for five months, your credit limit goes up, so in tandem that can give you some cash back, but also increase your credit score and your credit limit and those things are all awesome now in terms of finances.

There’s no annual fee which is good to see the basic APR is twenty point twenty four percent and the same applies the cash advance APR that number is on the higher end of the range which is usually between 13 and 20 to 24.

But it’s not a problem, because you’re going to be paying on time, that’s the goal, that’s the reason you get a card like this, it’s to build credit, so set up automatic payments, pay the full balance each month and you’re going to be fine.

They are helping with this program to ensure you avoid the pitfalls, I won’t name them although I know who they are, because they make more money, you want to stay out of that and keep your credit score strong, there’s also a cash advanced fee which is either ten dollars or three percent.

It is very nice if there is no foreign transaction fee, if you take a trip in the summer, you study abroad, you are not going to be charged extra for using your card, when you’re in that country, moving forward in terms of benefits, you have the standard issue, the extended warranty protection, worldwide travel protection insurance 24/7 customer service which some people say customer service would be capital one.

Obviously, it’s a big company, it’s hit or miss, although the website is very easy to navigate especially for a bank, most banks have horrible websites, Capital One actually does a very good job.

There’s also the credit wise program and also the financial education program, if you’re new to personal finance, they assist you in planning budget in seeing how much you might gain in the card and which you can save good practices and they also give you your credit score.

If you have this card for free, all those things are excellent, because they allow you to get a foothold, where can I go, how can I be ambitious, but also responsible, not spend too much but spend enough said my score goes up and always pay on time.

You can also use this card with Apple pay which is a new feature, I haven’t employed it myself, but I hear it’s a nice thing to use those who have done so.

This card is quite attractive, it’s not going to give you the most benefits like some other cards, I’ve reviewed, I would say if you’re an existing customer for Capital One or you’re new, you’re trying to develop your credit history, you’re not going to go wrong with a card like this, the number of benefits, the lack of fees makes it attractive. I strongly recommend you to check this card out.

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