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Chase McNary and Robby Hayes Interview Chase

Description: Entertainment reporter Nicole Heins got to sit down with Chase McNary and Robby Hayes from season 12 of The Bachelorette! They talk about Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor, their lives, and some other things.

The host Nicole Heinz is sitting with Chase McNary and Robby Hayes from Joe Joe season of The Bachelor. These are the contents of the interview.

We both had the option to go back to work or pursue other opportunities, so we both decided to have more fun and pursue opportunities.

Wedding is an experience that is very hard for anybody to describe, so unless you’ve been through it.

We’ve met a handful of girls from next season and got some insight from them and I think the internet will tell you more than anybody of kin.

The Bachelor next season is an interesting show to tune into regularly on a few hours on your Monday night long time. As soon as I knew the opportunity was coming, I started to tune into Ben Higgins season two.

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