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Chase McNary Snapchat Takeover on ColoradoStateU Bachelorette Chase

Description: This passage is mainly about the answers to a few questions that many people asked Chase McNary who tookover Snapchat on ColoradoStateU – Bachelorette.

They also asked me where my favorite place to eat is. At CSU the answer is crazy car place. I’m always a ram, I love CSU. If you want to keep following me, check me out of my snap.

I’ll let you know that you can snap back on this account and I will answer as many questions as possible. You can follow me on my Snapchat.

Many people asked me if I enjoyed my experience on the bachelorette and the answer is yes. Who is my best friend in the house and I was close with a lot of people.

What’s my favorite memory from CSU and the easy answer is the Rocky Mountain showdown especially when we win. One of my favorite memories is turning my truck bed into a hot tub and shower on campus.

I want to give a big shout outs and answer all of your questions. My major is communications, my
minor is business.

The question of communication come studies, I’m going to answer the first one. What was my favorite class at CSU. I liked a lot, but my favorite class may be rhetoric and western thought.

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