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How to Get Matched a Better Offer from Chase Mcnary Secure Messaging

Description: The article is about chase mcnary. The author tells us the method on what can you do about it when you find out that the newly released card has a higher signup bonus than you have bought before. The method is you can send a secured message to the company and express your complains about it and protect your interests.

I want to remind you about the giveaway. I’m having for five hundred dollars and free air travel,free TSA PreCheck and Global Entry as well as some of the free prizes. I’m going to talk about what you should do if you see a higher or better signup bonus after you have signed up for a card. If this is your first time here my name is Jason I’m the founder of Nomad travel I’m a travel rewards consultant and I teach people the use of travel points and miles for free travel.

Recently you may or may not have heard about the chase IHG card. This card had a decent signup bonus of like 60 to 80 K. But this is a keeper card because it is for only $49 a year. You can get a free night at any of their properties and some of them run close to $1,000 a night. There has rumor last week or the week before that this card was disappearing.

In a lot of times when cards disappear,people will go in and they apply for him because they can usually get the benefits grandfathered in. This card isn’t going to be available so if you haven’t had it you might as well get it because then you can also get the new products that are coming out.

I applied to the chase IHG card. Then a couple days later some rumors came out that there was a new card coming out which was not surprising for me. The new card has a higher signup bonus the annual fee is higher which I do not like about. But also they are basically saying that you are only getting a free night for up to 40 thousand points and I am not get any amount of money. This also is not being grandfathered in for people that already have the card. That’s a big difference to me. I will not apply to this card if it isn’t for that. What am I going to do about it?

What I’m going to do is I’m going to show you how to send a secure message to Chase. This is something that has been effective in the past. They usually get back to you within about 24 hours. They give you a response a lot of times. They might offer you some free points.

If you have a question like how many more points or how many more dollars so I need to spend to hit my sign up bonus or how many more days left,they’re good about letting you know about that. You can pick up the phone and if they don’t give you a nice offer here. That’s what I’m going to do. This is my first step so I want to walk you through it. I’m logged back into my Chase account here. I’ve got blocked everything out. I’ve got everything blocked out.

Let’s back up and let’s close this. In your top left corner,we’ve got this little button which says plus for feedback. I’ve got some feedback to give. I’m not happy. I have concerns or feedback. I’m very upset and I’m gonna let them know. Here are some of our options. You can select your feedback topic. You can lookat these. I think credit cards and products are most relevant here. This is the card that I applied for and I’m going to give my comment or question very politely and respectfully.

I’m going to read over what I wrote here. I applied to the IHG card with a 60 K signup bonus and a guaranteed free knight annually at any property in the world. This was the entire reason I signed up for the card. I now see the card as removing the yearly free night for a 40k maximum and also the new card is ordering. It is offering 80 K points over 60 K. I’m very disappointed as I feel I lost points and a lot of value of my free nights day annually. I now regret applying to this card and would not do so if I know this in advance. Are you able to match the yearly?

That is how you send a secure message to chase. I’ll keep you updated on what they offer me. If anything happens I will pick up the phone again and complain. I have heard that some people have been offered like 10 K for doing this. I also know that if you apply for a card and then all of a sudden there’s a higher sign up bonus within a few weeks,generally they will match that. All you have to do is ask them.

Chase is my favorite for so many reasons and they’re generally pretty reasonable and nice about this. All you got to do is send them secure message if you are upset about something. If they are not pick the phone and give them a call. What’s the worst that’s going to happen? Is that they will say no? I hope this article was helpful. If it was please give me your suggestions. You can also let me know that do you know any secrets to get any benefits matched other than what I cover here.

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