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8 Chase Reserve Benefits Cards Not Affected by 5 24 2 Potential Work Arounds for Chase 5:24 Rule

Description: The article is about the chase reserve benefits you can get. The author introduces 8 chase cards which are not effected 5:24 Rule. You can use them freely when you buy one o those cards and benefits from them. They have different features and you can choose by yourself.

I want to talk about exceptions to the chase 5:24 rule. If this is your first time here my name is Jason. I’m the founder of Nomad travel I’m a travel rewards consultant and I teach people how to use travel points and miles for free travel.

Now we are going to talk about the chase 5:24 rule. If you are not familiar with that it’s basically a rule that says if you have five or more new credit cards open not only in chase but in any credit cards in the last 24 months,then they will not approve you for the majority of their cards including most of the best ones.

So if you are getting started in travel hacking,you might not think that you’ll ever have five cards and a 24 month period. Once you get started in this hobby,things will probably escalate quickly and the next thing is you will have a pocket full of cards. It is not a problem as long as you’re responsible and you pay them off in full. Most the time you will see your credit score rise. It can be a lot. I know it because I personally have it.

If you are over that 5:24 period you cannot get any chase cards which sounds bad. For most of their best cards such as the Sapphire Preferred and sapphire reserve you cannot get them if you’re over five twenty four. So there are some chase cards you can get. I’m going to go over a chase cards that you are able to get if you are over this 5:24 rule.

The number one is the British Airways Visa Signature card. I’m not going to go through each card and detail as I’ve covered many of them in other cards. But this is a nice card with a big sign of bonus that you can get a few points if you spend a lot of money with it.

The number two is Mariette rewards premier visa. This is the personal card and not the business card. For the business card you will not get approved.

The number three is the Hyatt credit card. It is my personal favorite as far as the hotel credit cards. The number four is the IHG Rewards Club MasterCard. It is another good hotel card. That’s a great keeper card because of its low annual fee and one free night per year. It has the similar benefit for Hyatt credit card.

The Ritz-Carlton rewards visa is also does not apply to the 5:24 rule. These last few cards are cards that I personally won’t put a lot apply to any of them. But they are chase cards and I am throwing them in here for fun. There are the Amazon Rewards Visa the AARP Visa as well as the Disney perfect premier visa. These are eight cards that you can get if you are over at that 5:24 rule.

If you’re not sure if you are over 5:24 or not,you can go in and check your credit report. You can go on and check Credit Karma. There are a few other ways to get around this rule. I’ll go over them as well. Now if you go in branch,you may be able to get around me 5:24 rule. Some people have noted that they were able to get around that when they were over much more than five 24 by going in and talking to a person and showing them that you’re responsible. It doesn’t work often. And it probably won’t work for you. But if you want to get a chase card and one of their good cards which is not on this list,then that might be something to work.

One more thing that you can do that you may be able to get around the 5:24 is if you are sent a targeted offer through email or through mail,then you can give them a call and try to get approved. If you go online and apply for it,you will probably can not get a proof.

Your mileage may vary. Everything varies for everyone in this game. Nothing is written in stone. By having a smile on your face and being nice you can get around a lot of things. Although this one’s tough to get around,it may worth trying for a little bit of your time. You can go in and talk to someone especially if you have a targeted offer,you may be able to get around that.

I hope that these eight cards which are exceptions to the 5:24 are valuable to you. I still have a couple of other tips that you can give a try to get around the chase 5:24. You can let me know if you find a way to get around 5:24 that I’ve not mentioned.

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