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Big Update to the Chase Sapphire Reserve Travel Credit Chase

Description: The article is designed to talk about a big change about Chase Sapphire Reserve travel credit, we may be shown the information on how to maximize the value for credit cards, how to get the most cash backs and how to travel for free.

Today we’re going to talk about a big change about Chase Sapphire Reserve travel credit, we’re all about how to maximize the value for credit cards, so we wonder how you get the most cash backs and how to travel for free.

If you’ve been on the fence about applying for the Chase Sapphire reserve, apply for it on May 21st, there’s going to be a big change affecting how the travel credit works in the past or travel credit was based off the calendar year, if you have the card, you would have the rest of 2017 to use the three hundred dollar travel credit from this year.

On January 1st or after your December statement, you would have access to the whole 2018 credit, before your next annual fee hits, you could have downgraded the cards for freedom cards to have no annual fee, so getting to travel credits of one annual fee starting on May 21st, you’re not going to be able to double-dip anymore.

You’re only going to be able to get one travel credit, if you’ll sign for the card before the change happens, the big difference is that it’s going to be three hundred dollars more, so if you’ll find in a week, you’re getting three hundred dollars, if you’re not sure whether the card makes sense for you, we have a calculator down below, it gets a cool thing about applying before the 21st.

You’re going to get to travel credits start paying $450, but you’re going to travel credits, Chase is effectively paying you $150 to have the card for year 1, it could easily be worth five hundred or thousand dollars depending on how you value the points and how you want to use them.

If you look at the sign up offer of $500, your net expected value in year one is six hundred and fifty dollars, they’ve used travel partners and you’re going to get two cents per point, meaning that your net expected value for year one is one thousand one hundred fifty dollars.

If you don’t have the card, I think it’s a no-brainer card and you’re going to be saving three hundred dollars getting it before the 21st versus later one thing to consider though is that the card is affected by Chase 5:24, so that’s a rule that says that if you have more than five new accounts in the last 24 months.

The five new accounts could be from any issuers, you’re automatically going to get rejected for the chase a buyer reserve in the past, you could go in branch to see if you were pre-approved for the card and pre-approval is used to get to around five twenty four.

But they no longer work for the reserve card, if you are over five twenty four something you might want to consider doing is upgrading one of your other cards, so if you have tree sap, I prefer or freedom cards, as long as you have more than $10,000 at the credit limit for one of those cards, you could upgrade to the trace a power reserve, if you upgrade the card before May 21st, you’re going to fall under the old rules.

All the new rules you could do this by calling into them are sending a secured message. I preferred secured messages, because there’s more documentation and proof, it’s easier for me, if you are applying for the card and you’re not sure whether you’re going to be approved, as long as you apply it before the 21st, even if you’re approved afterwards, you’re going to be on those old rules.

So you’re going to be getting $300 more the reason, this is because Chase has to follow the rules of the terms, we have a calculator, so if they are not sure, if they want to see what it looks like financially, that calculator will show them how much benefit they’ll get.

If you realize you don’t like the card anymore or you’re not getting positive expected value, what you can do is to downgrade to the freedom card or freedom unlimited and both have no annual peace, the benefit of downgrading cards is that you don’t damage your credit history.

When you downgrade, it stays alive, because nothing bad happens, so if you had a card from 10 years ago, you’re down creating it, it doesn’t change when you’ve got the card, so the credit history, the age of the card stays alive, your credit report is more about taste, giving you specific credit instruments, so in this case, a credit card Mord is a specific product, so it doesn’t matter whether it’s a freedom card or space half hour Reserve or whatever else.

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