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Chase Sapphire Reserve Unboxing Chase

Description: The article is mainly intended to show us some helpful information about Chase Sapphire Reserve card which is the most anticipated credit card this year, the author talks about the earlier versions and some comparisons among them.

Chase Sapphire Reserve card is the most anticipated credit card this year, I think this is a little bit disappointed, because I know earlier versions of the card did come in the box and this is an envelope, so I hope they haven’t given me a plastic version of the car and you can see that it is the Chase Sapphire Reserve.

Here’s the envelope, I hope that is the metal card and not the plastic one, let’s open that, very exciting stuff here, I’m going to book, welcome to Chase Sapphire card member agreement, so we have the guide to benefits, there are a lot of benefits with this stock, this must be the card, so meet your new Chase Sapphire Reserve card.

I’m sure that’s getting a lot of people very excited, that is a metal card and let’s take that off, that’s definitely metal and it’s beefy and let’s compare that with the older Sapphire Preferred card, two cards side-by-side, if you want to know how to get approved for the Chase Sapphire reserve, check out my other video Chase Sapphire Reserve.

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