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Best Travel Credit Card Deals Top 5 Sign Up Bonuses Chase Sapphire Reserve Benefits

Description: The article is about chase sapphire reserve benefits. The content is going to cover top 5 sign-up bonuses of the Best Travel Credit Card Deals on the April edition of highly speculative soon-to-be world. We can learn the best deal in travel hacking which is related to the chase business ink cash card.

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All you have to do is be subscribed to the channel, turn on Bell notifications like and comment on this video and we will be announcing more winners over the next three weeks, but without further ado, let’s get started on the April edition of my highly speculative soon-to-be world famous top 5 special credit card deals.

If this is your first time tuning in to one of my top five monthly lists, what I’m doing here is that I’m picking the best at escalated sign-up bonuses or special deals, there may be better credit card deals out that are not mentioned in this video.

I’m talking about special deals that are going to go away that are generally higher sign-up bonuses than we normally see, so at number five American Express and Delta are killing it now, so there are four American Express delta cards with increased sign-up bonuses now, so the Delta Gold personal and business both have escalated signup bonuses of 50,000 points with 2k minimum spend and another 10k after an additional thousand in minimum spend totaling 60 K in these cards both have no annual fee.

You may remember that as with all American Express cards, you can only get the sign-up bonus once in a lifetime, so if you have already had these cards, it’s not worth applying, but if you haven’t, this is a great time to do so and stack up some delta points quickly, because these are some great offers that are double the normal offer of what we see on all four of these cards in the American.

The American Express Delta Platinum is also offering increased sign-up bonuses of 70,000 with a 3k minimum spend, but these cards do have a hundred and ninety five dollar annual fee, but they do come some additional perks, but it is a great time to stack some delta points.

If you are looking to and all four of these sign up offers will disappear on April 11th, so be sure and get to them beforehand, if that sounds interesting to you, coming in at number four is the chase business ink and it is the 100k in branch offer that I’m talking about here, the 80k sign up bonus on this card is probably the best sign up bonus out there at the moment.

The extra 20k saina bonus that you can get in branch on the chase business inc card now is what we’re talking about here, so I know someone that has got this personally, so if you were considering getting this card, go and branch and see if you can get that 100 K offer because of 20,000 free ultimate reward points, it’s not bad, so the city Thank You premier card is very strange for some reason.

City loves to pull the sign-up bonuses of this card, so not too long ago, a few weeks ago, this card had a zero sign-up bonus, I have no idea why they do it with a zero sign-up bonus, this card is not worth it.

In my opinion, not even close, it has a sign-up bonus of 30k which it’s still not quite good enough and in sign up, you’ve blown through about every other card on the market, but with a 50k signing bonus, this car is comparable to a Chase Sapphire Preferred, it does have a ninety five dollar annual fee.

But it’s got some transfer partners and a lot of features like double and triple points for a variety of different travel and as well as some other purchases, so this is definitely a great card to look at at the moment, because I’m sure before too long, they will get rid of this sign-up bonus again which makes me scratch my head.

But go and get the city thank you premiere now, so the chase Southwest cards have made the list and they are all on here for one number, because this is my list and I will make it home front of one, but what I’m talking about here is using these chase Southwest cards, you’re going to sign up for at least two of these, because when you get that a hundred and ten thousand Southwest points, you are able to get the companion pass.

The companion pass is basically a buy one, get one free for Southwest that you can use for the remainder of this year as well as all of next year, so you basically got a plus one, it could be almost two years depending on when you sign up for it, which is probably the best deal and travel hacking and this goes for whether you’re spending points, you get a plus one with only paying taxes of bees.

If you’re paying cash same deal, so that is a great card and I’ve got other videos about the chase Southwest cards where you can learn how to get that 110 thousand points on a bonus and the companion pass.

I’ll go on that and more detail only in the video, but the best deal in travel hacking in my opinion is the chase business ink cash card, so this is a totally separate product of the other chase business ink and this card normally has a three hundred dollar or a thirty thousand point saina bonus with no annual fee and some great multipliers.

We can get five at office stores and some other categories as well as times three on quite a few other categories, so there’s a lot to look at on this card, it’s a great way to downgrade from the other chase business Inc card that does have an annual fee.

But with a 50,000 points, sign a bonus and no annual fee, this card now is amazing and normally you’re not going to see 50k and $500, it’s 30k and three hundred dollars which is still a good offer.

But an additional 20,000 points, 50,000 chase ultimate reward points with no annual fee you can’t beat that, so I hope this video was helpful for you, give it a thumbs up, it helps me out, drop me a comment and let me know what cards I missed for my top 5 deals for April and if you haven’t already, go ahead and subscribe and turn on the bail notifications, so you don’t miss any upcoming videos, talk to you soon, thanks.

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