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The Most Underrated Chase Sapphire Reserve Benefit Priority Pass Access to Airport Lounges Chase Sapphire Reserve

Description: The article is mainly going to cover the content about the most underrated benefit which is the Chase Sapphire Reserve, we may also see some information about the services provided by different airports especially the airport lounges.

Today we are going to talk about the most underrated benefit, that’s the Chase Sapphire Reserve and other visa infinite cards offer and that is the priority pass, so if you’re thinking what is priority pass, it probably sounds familiar.

While I use this perk over a dozen of times in the past, I definitely got in my legs, they have three different tiers, the first one is the standard plan and they have an annual fee of $99, the second one is the standard plus and that comes with the annual fee of $249.

There’s the prestige which is $399 per year, so that’s great with the infinite cards, you automatically get the prestige level included by having the credit card, so if you don’t have the card in your possession now and you have a Visa Infinite card definitely log into your portal.

You have to log into sapphire reserve portal and request your priority pass, a lot of people are traveling during the holidays and Justin definitely save you a lot of stress, I’m going to the airport, so the reason why I say that is instead of waiting in the terminal in like a really crowded place.

You can go into the lounge and have a complimentary drink, a lot of the lounges offer a nice beer selection or a wine selection for free, if you want more premium selection pending on the lounge, your may or may not be a charge.

I know in LA the Alaska Airlines lounge, I have a complimentary selection and then if you want more premium drink, you have to pay a small fee and then the same goes with food, a lot of international managers offer complimentary food, so instead of waiting in long lines, that’s a food whore or spending 20 bucks.

You can go into the lounge and have a free meal and I’ve definitely utilized that, so the great thing about the Chase Sapphire reserves priority pass is that love the added benefits, you get to take in a limited number of guests into the lounge with you.

This is at the lounges discretion depending on how busy they are, so at SFO and LAX, some lounges that have turned people away or they put a limit, I limit to guests per card, because they experience high traffic and they want to provide the best possible experience during peak hour.

The great thing is the prestige, you don’t have to pay for each additional guests on the standard and standard Plus priority pass plans, you have to pay $27 in order to access the lounge, so when you receive your Priority Pass in the mail, be sure to read the fine print.

The Chase Sapphire Reserve and the ritz-carlton card are two cards, that allow you to bring an unlimited number of guests, but the city prestige only allows two people and the AMEX Platinum Card only allows yourself, so be sure to read.

You don’t get bingo fees based on my experiences, visiting some of the lounges, the international ones tend to be better, because they offer a better selection of food, the Hong Kong International and Vancouver International Airport both offer a wide spread of hot food and a noodle bar.

The ones that the domestic lounges I visited and like Shanghai lax and Japan does often offer ramen noodles and a very limited selection of alcohol, if you’re curious to know which lounge are the best, definitely go to priority pass calm, find a lounge that you’re interested in and then look up the reviews on Yelp, because that helps me in deciding on which lounge to visit, when the airport has four five that you can choose from.

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