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Chase Mobile Checkout How to Configure Settings Card Services Chase Slate

Description: The article is about chase slate login. In this article, you can learn how to configure your Chase Mobile Checkout settings with this detailed online tutorial. The author introduces some settings you can use in the Chase Mobile Checkout.

With chase mobile checkout, you can accept payments wherever your business takes you. I’m here to show you how, let’s go over how to configure your application preference settings. These settings are specific to a particular device, this means that your morning clerk and your evening clerk can have different user accounts but use the same tablet with the same application settings.

You can have one tablet in your food truck and another in your cafe with two different tip settings. If you’re using chase mobile checkout on a smartphone, you’ll make your way to the user preferences section of the application by selecting more from the menu. If you’re using chase mobile checkout on a tablet, you can tap the user preferences icon to open the Preferences menu.

In the account preferences section, you can toggle your product catalog on or off, you can also configure several transaction settings to specify whether additional information is required for swiped or manually enter transactions. These can help prevent fraud or lower interchange costs.

For starters, you can add a reference number to your transactions by enabling the setting, you can also set an option to have the application prompting your employees to enter your customers card verification data. You can set the application to prompt your employees to enter the zip or postal code for the address verification service or AVS.

You can set both options to always poped, allow for manual entry or never prompt at all. Lastly, you can change whether the application prompts for the last four digits of the card holders primary account number. In the payment settings section, you can set options for tips, taxes and discounts including suggested percentages for the customer to choose from.

To do this, you’ll need to select tax or tip from the on off setting like you did with the reference number. You can input the tax and tip percentages you would like to include in your transactions, you can add up to three different options to make transaction processing quicker and easier.

Some versions of the application have a discounting feature, toggling the discount setting will affect whether a discount field appears during the sale process. In the user Preferences section, you can start by using the alerts manager to specify when you’ll be notified of certain account thresholds being met.

For example, every time you reach 1, 000 dollars in sales, an alert will display in the notifications panel which you can access by tapping the icon that looks like an exclamation point inside of a triangle. You can also elect to have copies of the electronic receipts sent to you through email or text by using the receipt settings option.

If you set up for text message copies, carrier fees may apply. A business nickname can be customized which will display on the customer signature screen. Finally, if you’re using a tablet, you can also specify a default home screen for your application as well as a background texture for the application interface. All your settings are now personalized to your preference and you’re ready for business.

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