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Chase Mobile Checkout How To Use The Mobile Dashboard To Review Your Account Data Chase Slate Login

Description: The article is about chase slate login. In this article, you have the access to learn how Chase Mobile Checkout allows you to review your account details on your tablet by using the Reports Dashboard. You’ll see how to find the payment processing data for your merchant account.

With chase mobile checkout, you can access your account information wherever your business takes you. I’m here to show you how. One of the benefits of chase mobile checkout is that it allows you to review your account details on your tablet by using the reports dashboard.

This is the payment processing data for your entire merchant account. It is not the transaction submitted on your mobile device. To access your transaction detail, you can start by selecting the reports dashboard icon in the left menu bar, it looks like a graph.

Your dashboard will load and you’ll see different widgets, each widget shows a high-level list or graph, you can tap the widget to view additional detail and tap the dashboard button in the top left corner to return to the dashboard. In the top right corner, you can tap the customize dashboard icon to show or hide or rearrange your widgets by dragging them around.

You can tap saved when you’re finished. You can also tap the share icon to send an image of your dashboard in an email, on the dashboard, the first widget is today’s transactions which includes a list of the time, payment brand and amount of each transaction you submitted today. To view more detail about each transaction, you can tap the today’s transactions header to enter a transaction summary screen.

A hierarchy icon appears in the right-hand corner of this screen if your business has access to more than one account. Current transactions in your open batch are listed chronologically with the most recent transaction at the top. You can select each transaction to view additional payments information. On the screen, you can also resend a receipt or void the transaction.

Next is the sales trends widget, it’s a bar graph that displays your sales totals for each day across a week. On this widget, you’ll notice a great icon in the lower left corner, this is a toggle that flips the widget from a list to a graph display and vice-versa.

To view more detail, you can tap the sales trends header to enter a sales overview screen and compare sales week to week. The settlement overview widget displays closed batch figures, you can tap it to take a closer look at the information.

The funding overview widget shows a complete listing of funding events and account fees, you can tap it to review funding summaries and totals. The chargebacks widget lists chargebacks currently in process, a chargeback is when the customer or the issuing bank disputes a charge due to fraud, damaged merchandise or a technical issue.

If you’d like to simplify this process by managing your charge backs electronically, you can contact us to discuss how to use online chargeback management. Lastly, the fees widget shows a list of all fees assessed to your account over the past month. it’s important to keep in mind that different users may have access to different levels of reporting data.

Your specific user account may not be in able to view settlement data such as funding your fees. To change online account settings, you need to call customer service. You have all the information that you need to manage your business.

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