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You Need These Amazing Free Cashback Offers on Everyday Purchases Chases Corner

Description: The article is mainly about the key point on chases corner. The author is going to show us something interesting, it is the information on saving money on travel purchases and everyday purchases, because we need the amazing free cashback on everyday purchases.

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Today I’m going to bring you some interesting information here about saving money on everyday purchases, but if this is your first time here, my name is Jason, I’m the founder of Nomad travel hacker comm, I’m a travel rewards consultant and I teach the use of travel points and miles for free travel and experiences.

So be sure and subscribe, so you don’t miss anything, today’s video is going to be a little bit different, but there’s some awesome information out here on saving money for travel purchases or everyday expenses.

I want to be sure that you are taking aware of this, so I want to thank one of my subscribers, Lance, yesterday he made a comment about this app here called Ernie, I was not familiar with it, but taking a look at it, it is awesome, so basically all you do with Ernie is that you sign up on Ernie and they go through and they take a look at your receipts in your email.

They look for price purchases and then basically find if there is a difference in price somewhere and then notify you about getting a refund, it’s trustworthy, it’s been mentioned some popular sources like Forbes Yahoo lifehacker Huffington Prost LA Times and it’s got some big-time stores on here that they are going and doing price checking for.

So you’ve got to be OK with giving access to your email on here, so if you’re someone that’s running an international drug cartel from your email, maybe this isn’t the best app for you, but for most of us, I think it seems safe.

To be honest, I already assume that my email is being tracked by all sorts of agencies and things that I don’t understand, so I don’t care at this point and if it will give me some money back, I say go for it.

So number 2, let’s talk about the city price for wines. I went into this in more details yesterday about my city Thank You premier card, but city has got some awesome price rewind program here to where they will go back.

If you make a purchase within 60 days on one of your city cards, they will go through and basically look at the internet and see if there’s a better price out there, they will give you some, if not, all of the difference and the money back on this purchase.

If it’s expensive TV or electronics or something like that, this could be a lot of money here, so basically by the purchase, they go through for the next two months looking for a better deal online.

If they find one, they’ll notify you and you may get some or all the money back for it, so it’s no additional effort for you and something you might as well be doing if you have the city card.

So number three is Ebates, I cannot talk about Ebates enough and how awesome it is here, so there are so many different categories here about how you can save money on all sorts of everyday purchases, the great part is that you don’t have to do any additional effort on your part.

So you can see there are some big-name brands here Expedia Target British Airways, a variety of other airlines and you don’t have to do anything here to where you make a purchase going through their portal, you will automatically start to get checks in the mail.

So for example, I’m showing you on British Airways, all you’ve got is this little button, so you can activate it and browser app, when you come to a site to where Ebates is available, all you have to do is to hit click and you’re automatically getting this cashback freely nothing to lose here and no reason to not get this cashback on stuff that you are already making.

So let’s take a look at our travel deals, because that’s what this channel is all about, so this is showing you some of this, you could get 12% back, when you’re booking it Hilton, so these are some of the categories, we can serve in highest cash back here, so there are things like 15 10% cash back.

So all these different sites here, you could get this much cash back by going through their portal and the best part overall is that they have a great affiliate program, so if you I’ve got a link for you to where if you sign up through my link, you get an automatic $10 kickback on there and I will get a $25 kickback and then you can turn around and do this with your friends as well.

So basically you can go and you can see here refer, so you invite someone to Ebates, they get 25, you will get 10 and this will go on, so all I will include my link here, so you can get $10 cash back and start using all the amazing stuff with Ebates.

I’ve now made hundreds and hundreds of dollars off of different referrals from my own purchases as well as friends using my purchase, so is another great one, so this is also an Ebates purchase, I’m not sure why this is not popping up over here to the right, it might be, because I’ve already logged in.

But I hate having to purchase hotel rooms with when I have all my points, but sometimes, I’m not somewhere, where they’ve got any points of any point systems available to use or the redemption sucks.

So in that case, I will use hotels calm, because they’ve got this here, you buy ten and then you get one night free and as you can see, I’ve got one more night to get a free night here, so on top of this, I’m getting a kickback from Ebates.

I’m also getting a kickback through this 10th free night and when booking with my capital one venture card, I’m now getting 10 times miles through that so altogether, you can get up to 24% cash back or basically off, you’re using all of these different tools and then you’re starting to learn how to stack all this stuff.

So the capital one venture is definitely the best card to use for hotels calm, but there should be some cards that you use for hotels calm that is going to be beneficial at this point.

So let’s talk about honey, honey is another great little in-browser app I’ll show you, so here is a mate’s, it goes through, so it’ll let you know if you’re on a side and it will pop up, if something is available, so here’s the one for hotels calm up to four percent cash back and it will scroll and show you all of the different ways that you can earn money back on everyday purchases.

This is a multi-million dollar company, they’re not going away, they’re trustworthy and you get your money back in the mail, trust me, because I know half honey is also very cool, so this is also running in the backgrounds of your browser app and it shows you that basically what they do is that they don’t give you money back.

But they store coupon codes here and people add coupon codes, so when you make a purchase, you can see what your coupon code is, so I can give you a referral link for honey as well to where we both get five dollars when you sign up.

But even if you don’t sign up through my affiliate, you are getting tons of money and I put a couple of random things into my Amazon account to show you what it does, so basically they go through here and they look and say OK, so you know they can see there were five price changes.

But currently, this is the best deal of all your Amazon, so it was helpful on Amazon, it’ll let you know if it’s the best deal and then it’ll start to throw in random coupon codes in here which I’ll show you in a second.

But it’s also nice to know that on Amazon, you’re getting the best deal and if you want to keep an eye on this, you can add this to your list of honey again, this is another free app with nothing to lose.

I will have a link in the description to sign up and to get your free offer, so I’ve already got your new Ebates, so let’s look at Target, you can double-dip here, so you can tart, you can use Target by activating your Ebates account, you can see here this 1% is caching and and you don’t have to do anything.

This pops up, when you go to target calm cool, so let’s look at it, I’d be through some items here in my shopping cart to see what happened, because I’m trying to show you what it does for honey.

We’ve got honey popping up over here with some coupon codes, these don’t work all the time, but every time, I’m making a purchase now, honey is going and running all these random coupon codes, they collect over the Internet and people add to them to see if I’m getting the best deal, because if I randomly get some additional money off here for no reason, it’s no extra effort to me and it’s all free.

No buyers are more, so you already have the best price, no worries, so they were not able to find any coupon codes for me here, but using honey, using Ebates, using Ernie, these are all easy ways to get free money off of your purchases that you’re already doing.

So you’ve got nothing to lose here, I’m going to drop links in the description for and as well as for honey and Ernie, if you’re going to sign up, I appreciate you using my sign-up codes below.

As we both get a discount and a kickback, you don’t have to, it is appreciated here and I hope this video was helpful for you, if it was, give it a thumbs up, drop me a comment down below and let me know whether you use any of these kinds of cashback apps or programs and whether there are any other ones that I missed out here, if you haven’t already, go ahead and subscribe, so you don’t miss any upcoming videos, thanks for your time, talk to you soon.

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