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Chasing Coral Documentary Explores Coral Bleaching

Description: The article is about chasing coral. The content mentions those Attenborough films about corals. It is about the chasing coral documentary that explores coral bleaching, helping us to understand the various functions and importance of corals and how necessary the corals are in the aspect of sustaining the environment.

A few minutes ago, we sat down with the SI eco Film Festival director Erica Schofield to give us an overview of what’s going on at the fest, let’s start today and run until the 30th of March and now she has been back and joined by marine scientists from a scientist from the two oceans aquarium Chris Lewis.

He’s so good, he sounds like two people, but he’s here to break down the events of a gripping and stunningly captured documentary called chasing coral, so Chris, thank you very much for joining us as well, but Erica, I’ll start off with you first, because it seems that chasing coral is leading the way in terms of pre bookings, people are excited to see this and are interested in this topic.

Why is that? It is a very slick and beautiful production, but I think it’s a testament to the power of film, all of us get to go scuba diving, we don’t get to see that incredible world and coral is so beautiful and colorful.

So when those images come back there in entrancing and then with the devastation, there are the image contrasts, so stark, it’s an immediate emotional connection, so I think that’s probably why the story is doing so well and having such an impact.

When I think about color, I think back to all those David Attenborough films, I’ve watched and Blue Planet thing is again, when you want it, it’s a beautiful thing to see, but there’s little understanding at least from my part on how coral helps to sustain the environment and why it is so important.

So Chris, maybe you can shed some light on that, so the reason why corals are so important is that they protect the coastline, so what they essentially do is that they slow down wave action before it hits the show, especially during search thermazine things like that.

Corals also have all these little nooks and Kami’s with different kinds of fish can living, so they’re very high biodiversity of lots of different animals and those animals in turn feed people and ecosystems around them, so that’s why they are extremely important.

It’s like a chain reaction, once one part of the ecosystem is effective, you know that sooner or later, another pot and it ends up being us at the end of a whoo interesting exactly and talk to me about bleached coral exactly what it is, how it occurs and where the coral can be recovered from bleaching.

So bleaching is related to corals or animals, that’s done, one spot and they live in very clean oceans, they can’t cross blood or food for water, so what happened over which they have now assembly article a ship worth Algy, that gives them about ninety two, more than a percent of their food, because corals only survive in a certain range of temperatures.

As soon as the temperatures goes, one or three degrees out of which, they can tolerate the corals, eject these symbiotic algae in the tissues and yet basically to start starving to death, so before the colors are colorful, because the alga gives in the color.

Afterwards, they lose the color and only the white skeleton is left because the bleaching event happen, you’re basically looking at a dead bone, when it’s like that, it’s my question, it can even recover after that, so it depends on the stress.

What’s this animal and how long the stress, so let’s take a picture, for example, if the water temperature increased by one or two degrees for one or two days, but in a few weeks time, and what that goes back to what it’s supposed to be is within a few weeks time the karo can be recolonized by the algae.

But if the water temperature stays boom for a long period of time, essentially the coral cooks to death, so then the kind they can’t recover from that thing this so much that I need to understand, because you’ve referred to it as an animal and not as a thing, because when I look at that I see a hard colorful rock thing exactly.

But it’s a living organism, so clearly there are lots of those things for us to learn and to understand and the importance of the call for you to go and check out all the information, you need to do on si eco Film Festival calm, you’ll find information about the festival itself.

As I said, it runs until the 30th of March and get your tickets to all the various events that they will be running as well, Krish, Erica, thank you very much.

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