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Interview with Richard Vevers of Chasing

Description: The article is mainly about an interview with Richard Vevers talking about chasing coral, it covers something about the problems that coral reefs suffer a lot because of the high temperature of sea water and some solutions to several situations.

I’m here in midtown Manhattan, in New York City, in one of the most intensely engineered environments in the world, humans aren’t the only animals that build their own environment, in the ocean corals build massive reefs that put some of these skyscrapers to shame, but across the world, corals are dying off due to warming ocean temperatures.

I’m on my way to meet Richard Bieber whose new film chasing coral is about the plight. Richard is going to tell us a little about the movies, the movie has come out on Netflix, it’s been a huge journey over the last three or four years, we’ve been documenting, the third global bleaching events are massive mortality events of corals across the planet.

You’re from the ad world, how did you end up underwater? I’ve always been passionate about the ocean, you jump in the water and you go on a reef and it’s like being in a safari park, but with more animals, more life and an alien life with the most magical place on the planet,it’s quite traumatic.

This is a vault reef, the water gets so warm that the coral animal becomes clear and you see its skeleton and we saw this reef transform from healthy to bright white and then dead, you’re working on this one for three years and you’re watching these effects.

What can be done to fix the problem with the fifty reason project, what we’re doing is looking for the reefs which are less vulnerable to climate change, we’ve got about 20 or 30 years of heat built into the system, so quarries has got to ride that out and so we will lose the majority of the remaining reefs.

It’s probably about 10% of reefs that we can save, so what we need to do is to identify the coral reefs which are less vulnerable to climate change and then protect them from the local impacts, what’s happening to the ocean is a PR problem, most people don’t die, so they don’t get to see these issues.

People don’t know what’s going on in the ocean and the ocean is the secret to understanding climate change. In my view, you know 93% of the heat from clowned change is absorbed by the ocean and the ocean controls everything, it controls our water supply, controls the weather, the climate, the oxygen we breathe, whether or not we can grow food, so the fact that we’ve got coral reefs dying on mass should be a massive wake-up call.

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