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College Ave Student Loan Refinancing Review

Description: The article mentions college AB student loans, but it tends to focus more on refinancing program given by college ave student loans, we may also see competitive products to start college ave offers and several great benefits of refinancing.

Today there are a number of new student loan refinance companies looking to help borrowers improve their financial health, one of our favorites is college AB student loans, the college ave recently rolled out its refinancing program, the company offers extremely competitive products to start college ave offers both variable and fixed interest rate loans borrowers can select a repayment plan of anywhere between five and fifteen years, not many other lenders offers this amount of flexibility.

Another great benefit of refinancing through college ave is that the company charges no application origination or prepayment fees, college ave has a minimum refinance amount of five thousand dollars for undergraduate and graduate students.

150 thousand dollars is the max amount that can be refinanced, those who have graduated from medical dental vet or pharmacy school may refinance up to 250 thousand dollars bottom line, the college ave student loan refinance and consolidation program is a great option for people who want low interest rate options flexible term length options a quick and easy application process at lend edu, we give college ave our highest stamp of approval.

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