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Collier Focus 100 Part 1

Description: The following article is primarily about the key point on collier focus. The content is the first part covering the main idea of Collier Focus 100. we’ll take a look at the board of county commissioners meeting the blue ribbon panel on advanced life support.

Welcome to this edition of calling your focus on today’s show, we’ll take a look at the board of county commissioners meeting the blue ribbon panel on advanced life support makes its recommendations and the naples depot is open again.

The renovation is getting rave reviews, the troy miller will cover these stories and more next on call your focus, stay tuned, weather reporting on the latest news stories or hot issues taking a look at county government services or announcing what’s happening around accounting.

This is calling your focus bringing government foam at the recent Board of County Commissioners meeting the Blue Ribbon committee studying advanced life support and pre-hospital care presented its findings Blue Ribbon committee member Edward Morton says the committee studied a tremendous amount of data and met with multiple county agencies before making their recommendations.

The linchpin of the entire recommendation is to create a group which we call an authority that can be called a commission, can be called the council, but a group would be put together formally by the county, they would always meet the sunshine that would come together with all of the various appropriate disciplines and would hear the evidence and would adjudicate make decisions or recommendations as to what should be brought to the County Commission for final decision and create this body this authority.

It would basically have the authority, if you will to listen to all of the dialogue and to make formal recommendations to the Carter County Commission, the board voted unanimously to accept the report and then have a workshop with all interested parties in order to decide which of the recommendations they want to adopt.

We will keep you posted on this matter, when it comes back before the commissioners, the board accepted staffs recommendations for projects and policy priorities for the 2012 fiscal year legislative agenda, the report emphasized the need to make grant dollars a priority as the house will be working under an earmark freeze the list of project priorities for federal funding include the i-75 everglades boulevard interchange naples bay restoration beach renourishment a tri county water interconnect and a new Ochopee EMS fire station on alligator alley and a med flight aircraft.

The arbitration results regarding rezoning in an R LSA were presented to the Commission, the county had agreed to a non-binding arbitration to determine whether or not it takes three or four votes to amend an R LSA the arbiter agreed with the landowners that it only takes three votes to amend and RLS.

This item came up as a result of potential site for a biomedical park connected to Jackson lab in an RL si in eastern Collier County in a related note on the consent agenda, the board voted to dismiss their bond complaint that would determine if there is a valid public purpose for a bond issue for Jackson lab funding.

This move was a result of Jackson labs decision to withdraw their funding request application with the state of Florida, the board heard a presentation by Robert Hallman on the impact of the recent freeze to agribusiness in collier county as well as other areas in southwest florida hulman reports that recent freezes have done substantial dims to fruit and vegetable crops including tomatoes and peppers hallmann estimates the damage at over 140 million dollars Commissioner Jim caleta voiced his concern for the future of agribusiness and call your county.

This is very disconcerning not this year, but it seems that there’s a pattern, that’s been picking up steam, as we go forward, I know originally many years ago, citrus used to be growing all the way up to the Florida Georgia line and then they started experiencing freezes and then that line for growing citrus was moved farther and farther south over the years.

I don’t know if this is an ongoing trend, that’s going to continue, but agriculture is a base with the community seems to be a weak argument anymore. I’m beginning to question the validity, I don’t know how these people submit can exist other than the fact that the few times they get a crop out.

It must be worth an absolute fortune to be able to offset the losses, they suffer year after year at some point in time, we’re going to have to look at this rationally to be able to figure out where we stand as a community as far as agriculture as an economic engine.

What I’d like to talk to you about offline is coming to the Regional Planning Council, making your presentation and maybe we can get the university to sponsor a study to be able to come up with some causes and effects, that’s been taking place over the years so that as a community, we can be prepared what’s going to be happening in the future.

Whenever we go into these declines of the agriculture due to diseases or most likely freezes, we have a profound effect upon the pond, the community, that’s never-ending immokalee being dependent upon costs labor to be able to harvest these crops, people are out of work, so we have to turn to the private sector nonprofits to be able to keep them going until the next crop comes in.

It seems to be a never-ending repetitive situation, most of the crop damage occurred north of immokalee, this is the second winner in a row Colliers crops have been impacted by cold weather, the Commission took a few minutes to recognize some outstanding county employees.

The Florida public transportation association awarded its bus mechanic of the Year award to Collier County Steven Hayes of the fleet management department buses certainly human resources training coordinator samantha moran was named the county’s employee of the year for 2010.

We hear that you want to make the focus add our congratulations to both Steven and Samantha for a job, it’s time for a break, when we come back, new walking trails are open in pepper ranch and the scenery is nature at its best and the Naples Depot reopens after an extensive renovation.

The results are incredible all that more, when call your focus continues, welcome back to call your focus conservation, collier continues to expand public access to pepper ranch and immokalee public access has been limited since the ranch was purchased.

But recently, some newly marked walking trails have been opened, the ranch is the crown jewel of conservation collier which is a taxpayer funded program that purchases environmentally sensitive lands in order to protect them from future development pepper.

Ranch is now open to the public on non hunt weekends from eight a.m. to 1pm, if you want more information, call crystal Segura at 252 to 495 all aboard collier county’s newest Museum, the naples museum is open to visitors after a full renovation.

The first trains arrived in 1927 at the naples depot while it was still under construction, the station served the railroad until 1971 when service was discontinued, visitors can visit the depot and take a ride back in time without ever leaving the station.

It is very historically accurate, we try to keep the integrity of this building and intact, there were several things that we had to add to bring certain things up to code, not everything could be brought up to code, but we did have to add a fire sprinkler system and a DA accessible ramps and quarters that are a DA accessible as well.

But every other than that everything is historically accurate in here that you see, as you walk into this building, this is a place where you would purchase tickets, then behind this wall is the station master’s office and that has most of our railroad history.

The next room is another waiting area and that also contains railroad history, but Naples didn’t have a whole lot of railroad traffic, so we couldn’t fill this whole building with railroad history, so the theme is about transportation and how that contributed to the development of Naples is every seven and a half minutes the arm buff yarns lobster specialist teams back into Naples.

The first time it arrived here was January seventh 1927 and that’s what we’re trying to depict with that, with that video displayed, you can also climb aboard a caboose and two other authentic railroad cars located at the museum, the museum is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm and Saturdays from nine to four, the depot is located at 1051 fifth avenue south in downtown naples.

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