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Description: This article is going to be introducing some of the news of Collier County on Collier Focus.

Welcome to this edition of Collier Focus. On today’s show, we’ll take a look at, the Board of County Commissioner’s meeting, the impact the commercial redevelopment program has its two-year review and Commissioner Caleta travels to Tallahassee to meet with Governor Scott.

At the recent Board of County Commissioner’s meeting, on the consent agenda the board accepted the second annual review of the impact the commercial redevelopment program. The program was established by the Board of County Commissioners for two reasons.

First, a large number of older buildings throughout Collier County were unable to attract tenants due to the economic downturn combined with the required payment of additional impact fees related to changes of use. And secondly, tenants that were unable to find space and existing buildings due to the required payment of additional impact fees related to changes of use.

Impact fee coordinator Amy Patterson explains how the program saves businesses money. It allows businesses to move into existing buildings that are three years old or older without having to pay any required additional impact fees except for water and sewer.

A lot of times we have businesses come and say a small doctor’s office that wants to move into an office building, normally there are impact fees associated to that to that move in, but for this program if they qualify, they can go into the building and I’ll have to pay those fees to date. We’ve assisted over 60 different businesses and save these business owners over two million dollars.

Commissioners will receive another report next March on this program and at that time we’ll decide whether or not the program should continue. Also on the consent agenda the board addressed two items dealing with the Immokalee airport.

First, a lease agreement was revised between the airport at the Immokalee regional Raceway. What we decided to do with the FAA approval was to go back and have the racetrack approved for their use at the airport, continue on a month-to-month arrangement and calculate a rent scheduled that was more than what they pay now, but a little bit less than fair market value. So we figured month-to-month arrangement would allow the airport to move rather quickly if needed to use that area for aeronautical purpose.

The commissioners also approved a lease agreement with turbo services incorporated, turbo services reconditions jet engines and converts them for other uses like generators. They import engines from other countries, somewhat older engines, they overhaul them, they retrofit them and they test them and they go back out as emergency generators for the clients.

So what they would do would be to import and engine into the port of Miami, they were tractor-trailer at over Tamale airport where they’re building a jet engine test facility testing engines back to the Port of Miami and then they would ship out to their clients either by ship or by plane.

So we’re very happy to have them there, they’re building in an area that’s right next to the USDA building and the future location of the US Army National Guard and I think they will be very good tenants for the airport. Turbo services signed a five-year contract with five one-year extension options.

After the Board of County Commissioners meeting concluded, Commissioner Jim Caleta went to Tallahassee for several meetings, including one with Governor Rick Scott, we caught up with Commissioner Caleta after his visit to the state capital and asked about the trip.

We were very very fortunate that the governor Rick Scott was able to meet with us, and we were able to discuss economic development and one of my favorite topics, the interchange at i-75 that we’re looking for some time in the near future.

The talked with the governor was most interesting. First he reminded me of the fact that his mission is to provide 700,000 jobs in the next seven years and then he told me he was disappointed in collier county and what we have done to provide jobs. And he said the people he’s been talking to where he lives do not seem to be pro-economic development and I told him he was correct. He lives in the coastal part of Collier county, and they don’t have pro-economic development element within that group.

However I remind them that Easter 9:51 which is 85% of the county, there is a strong desire for economic development, there are a lot of people in that area that are unemployed who are in the process of losing their homes to foreclosures. Real estate values have fallen by 75% in some cases.
I told him I was committed to economic development and I’ve been making outreaches to different members of the business community and I think we have a very positive plan going forward. At the end the meeting, it turned out to be positive.

And I’m writing him a letter now asking if I can have another meeting with other members of the business community to be able to tell what our plans are to see how they match with the direction that he’s going with the state’s plans.

While in Tallahassee, Commissioner Caleta also met with senate president Mike Herod Ovilus and Department of Community Affairs head Billy Buzzard, Commissioner Donna Fiala traveled separately to Tallahassee also for a series of meetings with state officials. The two commissioners visited coincided with the Florida Association of counties annual legislative day.

The coastal zone management department reports that the Wiggins passed dredging project is now complete. Coastal Zone Management Director Gary McAlpin says the project is the latest in a reoccurring maintenance program.

Over the past month, they dredged fifty thousand cubic yards of material at Wiggins pass, Wiggins pass has been dredged on a two-year cycle, because of the shoaling effect in the flood tide shoal and so this is the latest maintenance dredging activity that we have completed for we do pass. The beach quality sand that was removed from the pass was placed on the northern beaches of barefoot beach park.

Carr County has received the official results of the 2010 census, collier’s population is now 3,201,520 up from 20,051,000 ten years ago. The new numbers will help used to help redraw Colliers 5 County Commission districts, comprehensive planning manager David Weeks tells us how the process works.

It all starts with the population itself, getting those figures from the Census Bureau and breaking those down into the Commission districts as they presently exist and that will show us what disparity there may be, when certain districts will grow a lot faster than others, that would be much greater population in one much less any other. And the purpose of redistricting is to equalize the population. So we have to create five new districts that have approximately the same population based upon the census.

The districts are scheduled to be presented to the Board for approval in September of this year, the new districts will be used in the 22 elections. March 14th through 19th, Collier County Public Utilities Division solid waste department held a tire roundup in conjunction with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

In addition to the four drop-off locations for residents to bring unwanted tires, staff and volunteers also recovered many tires abandoned in canals and other undeveloped sites. As you know, Collier County is one of the the second largest county in the state of Florida, and there many areas where tires have been just thrown in the ditches and laid in the backyards.

With Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s help, we were able to get funding, so that we could collect all of these tires to do a six-day roundup countywide and have collection sites throughout the county and collect over 10,000,288 tires. What’s unique about this program is that the state of Florida is paying for the disposal of those tires, saving the county thousands of dollars. Rodriguez went on to say that the success of the program means that they will try to hold a similar event in the future.

South Florida Water Management District has declared a water shortage and as a result, Collier County residents will now be on twice a week watering restriction. Big Cypress Basin board director Clarence Tears explains. It’s a Collier county ordinance which is you can’t water between 8 a.m. and midnight and normally you can water three days a week, however we go into two days a week. Even-numbered addresses can irrigate between 12:01 a.m. and 8 a.m. on Thursdays and Sundays, odd number addresses between 12:01 a.m. and 8 a.m. on Wednesdays and Saturdays, these restrictions will be in effect until further notice.

We also found out that the recent 9.0 magnitude earthquake in Japan actually had an impact on the Tamiami aquifer. We have groundwater monitoring level recorders at different sites throughout the 16 counties and actually I just got an email which shows that the maladies in the water elevations of five locations has vibration caused by the aftershock in about half an hour to an hour after happening.

On the next call your focus will tell you about South Florida water management districts mobile irrigation lab and how you can get a free irrigation evaluation. Now let’s take a look at some upcoming Collier County government meetings.

The following meetings are all held in the board meeting room on the third floor of the main Administration Building: 3299 Tamiami trail east at the collier county government center unless otherwise indicated. On Friday April 1st at 9 a.m., the code enforcement special magistrate will be in session. The Collier County Planning Commission will meet in regular session on Thursday April 7th at 9 a.m.. On Monday April 11th at 3 p.m., the affordable housing advisory board will meet. And on Tuesday April 12th, 9 a.m., the board of county commissioners will meet in regular session.

For more information on Collier county government and to inquire about other meetings that have been scheduled since the taping of this program, contact the communication and customer relations department at 25 28 84 84 or via email, you can also click on our website at for more information.

Now let’s take a look at some of the many fun and interesting programs being offered through the Carter County Parks and Recreation Department, the golden gate aquatic facility offers youth aquatic lessons for children in five different levels based on their current abilities. There are several options for dates and times, so if you want more on schedules and course, call the Golden Gate aquatic facility at 35 37 12 8.

If you have arthritis and are looking for a low or no impact exercise, then the Golden Gate aquatic facility has the answer for you. Instructors for these classes are all trained by the Arthritis Foundation and the exercises are specifically designed to give you a good workout with little or no joint impact. Classes are Fridays and Tuesdays from 11 a.m. until noon and are five dollars each. If you want more information on the Arthritis exercise class call the Golden Gate aquatic facility at 35 37 12 8.

Is music missing in your life? Then consider guitar lessons in the park, these classes are designed to teach you the basic skills you need to start playing the music you love, the classes are available at both Max Hasse and Vineyards Parks for both beginners and advanced. For specific information, costs and schedules, call 25 24 00 0.

If you are interested in quilting, then the Naples Quilting Club is the place for you, they meet every Thursday from 1 to 3 p.m. at the East Naples community park and the cost is free. If you feel like trying the tango, then sign up for ballroom dancing classes, this course will introduce and review a new dance each week including the foxtrot, the tango, the Rumba and swing dancing, so put on your dancing shoes and meet at East Naples community park on Fridays from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., the cost is five dollars per class.

Learn how to be the best babysitter at babysitting bootcamp, the course is designed to teach all the basics in babysitting including CPR and first aid training, participants must be 11 years old and must attend all classes. For more information and costs, call 25 24 00 0.

If you’re having trouble controlling your canine, then basic dog obedience may be what you need, using consistency, repetition and positive reinforcement, this course helps owners learn how to communicate with their trusted companions. You will also learn handling skills, basic obedience cues and verbal commands, basic dog obedience is for dogs four months to 10 years old. The class meets on Saturdays from 9 to 10 a.m. at Veterans community park. For cost information called 25 24 00 0.

There are a whole lot more to do in Collier County not to mentioned here on Collier Focus, for information regarding the location of county parks and other activities, contact the parks and recreation department at 25 24 00 0 or the Collier County communication and customer relations office at 25 28 84 8

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