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Collier Focus 98 Pt1

Description: This article is going to talk about the board of county commissioners meeting, paramedic testing questions will be addressed by the state and Commissioner Frank Alice bids farewell during his final meeting.

Today we’ll take a look at the board of county commissioners meeting, paramedic testing questions will be addressed by the state and Commissioner Frank Alice bids farewell during his final meeting.

At the recent Board of County Commissioners meeting, the board heard a complaint about paramedic exams taken by firefighters that were administered by a private firm, the controversy began when the testing company allegedly provided students with answers to an exam before they took the test. The commissioners had to recommend whether or not they thought enough evidence existed to refer this matter to the stairs.

If there is a clear violation, it doesn’t make much difference what we do, chief page still has the obligation to report it to the state, as does Dr. Tober, we do need to take the position as to whether or not we think this should be investigated by the state and whether or not we should refer the information we have for consideration without making a judgment. The board voted 4:1 to send this matter to the state.

An arbitrator will decide just how many votes to make a zoning change in a rural land stewardship area, county ordinance and state law dictates that all zoning changes must have a supermajority or 4:1 votes in order to pass. A rural land stewardship area or RLSA has a zoning overlay, the overlay allows landowners to receive credits for giving up development rights on environmentally sensitive lands, they can then sell these credits to landowners who want to build land on land rather where there would be no environmental impact.

Some property owners in the RLSA contend that when the commission created the RLSA in 2002, it eliminated the need for a zoning change. Obviously we’re not going to be making a decision nor do we have a right to make a decision today, I heard somebody say it probably isn’t a good idea to hire attorneys because they’re not going to be able to make that decision, they’re still going to be problems with it.

Why don’t we hire a judge who has has been retired, he can work with the landowners as well as with the county, it’ll be in the judge realm. Especially if we get somebody that’s retired, who doesn’t work in the system so he can come in from a completely unbiased point of view and let him make the determination.

On the consent agenda, the board approved an agreement for expansion at the Max Hasse community park community center, the golden gate estates land trust Advisory Committee has agreed to fund sixty percent of the three hundred thousand dollar price tag, public services administrator Marla Ramsey tells us about the details.

When we built the max house community center, we actually built it with two opportunities to do expansions to that building, so it’s already been pre-designed and space has been allocated for these two expansions.

The expansions are being brought up now because the Department of Children and Family have just recently made changes to the amount of square footage that each child must have in a building as part of our licensing and when we applied that square footage against the space we had, we found that we were losing about 25 kids from our program and so we thought this is the time that we should add those expansions.

There is some additional prep work needed as the site development plan must be reopened and amended, so construction will not begin until late in the middle of next year. Also on the consent agenda, the board waived all code violation lanes associated with the bay shore club apartments.

The bank that now owns the property worked with code enforcement department to abate the violations which require that all of the buildings be demolished, that work has now been completed, according to standard procedure all fines and liens have been waived.

The board took a few moments to honor retiring district 2 Commissioner Frank Alice for his eight years of service during his final board meeting. The board presented him with a plaque and committed him for his dedication to the job. Commissioner has served as the Commission’s liaison to the economic development council of Collier County, he was the Collier yearly County representative on the board of directors of the Florida association of counties and was a member of their impact be task force.

He also said on the Metropolitan Planning Organization previously served as chair of the Commission, Chair of the Turist development council and liaison to the productivity committee as well as the canvassing board. Newly elected Georgia Hillier succeeds Halas as the district 2 commissioner.

After the meeting, we asked Commissioner Halas to reflect on his time as a county commissioner. First of all, I want to say that the people that work here in Collier County, the staff are number one, they work very hard, they’re very dedicated and it’s been a pleasure to work with all the staff people.

The other thing is that I appreciate having the opportunity to serve here, not only in district 2, but all of Collier County. I learned a lot as I got involved in this job. And as commissioner Caleta said, I also got involved with Florida association of counties which has been beneficial for us in regards to addressing issues, not only in this county but throughout the whole state of Florida with other commissioners.

One of the other things is that these particular board of county commissioners are probably the most aggressive group that we’ve had in this county since the inception of the Collier County in 1923. When I came on board, we had a huge backlog in regards to infrastructure and that included roads, water, wastewater, landfill and we were focused on what needed to be addressed.

We were almost gridlocked because we didn’t have roads that were adequate for the amount of traffic and the growth that was coming into this county. We also had problems with potable water, we were concerned that we may not have enough water pressure to accommodate, if there was a fire.

We had waste water plans and there was a consent order by the state, so we had to address that. The end result is the Board of County Commissioners and the whole staff that works here in collier county were able to address all of these issues.

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