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Description: The article below concentrates on the topic of comdata login. Comdata Smart Solutions offer proven technology and an innovative touch-screen design to help you streamline fuel, retail and other profit centers with a single POS solution. Smart Solutions help you manage operations more efficiently.

In today’s marketplace, fueling up vehicles and serving customers so that they can quickly get back on the road is a key component to the profitability of your travel center or convenience store, traditionally managing transactions of the fuel disk without the profit centers has been difficult for employees and drivers.

Long lines, multiple purchases, separate receipts and tedious bookkeeping presented challenges, inefficiency and expense, but thanks to smartness, part of comdata’s new innovative smart solutions platform is an intelligently designed solution that reduces your expenses and increases your bottom line.

Travel sitters and convenience stores now have a single point of sale solution for effectively managing all profit centers, food and merchandise, drivers combine diesel fuel purchases with those from on-site delis retail areas and service providers into a single transaction.

Smartness saves you money by reducing the need for multiple systems and support as well as reducing the need for additional employees, smart DESQ also makes your fuel center even more profitable by allowing you to quickly turnover thunks and process more transactions.

What used to be a dedicated diesel purchase area of your travel center can now be managed store wide at the smart DESQ POS terminal creating a space for additional product, the genius of smart DESQ is its flexibility, now your employees or management have the power to control multiple functions from any POS in the store.

Managed fuels put parlors and sinks for transactions, adjust the prices of the electronic outdoor sign, run daily reports of prices on merchandise and more all with the touch of a button, drivers on the go can pay for their diesel or fuel purchases at the pump.

For drivers with time to spare, smart desk’s preprocessor can easily stack the transactions giving them the flexibility to pick up additional items and services inside the traffic center on the same transaction, what used to take several things actions is now one.

That’s why any credit, debit, fleet, loyalty or gift card can do it, whether your customer pays at the pump or inside the location, smart DESQ can capture valuable level-3 data from the customer’s transaction offering a key benefit for Fleet customers.

Don’t worry about the security of your transactions, smart DESQ is PA DSS compliant helping you keep customer data safe and secure, using smart DESQ is simple, the smart DESQ POS terminal features a 17-inch full-color configurable touchscreen display.

Its user-friendly interface is easy to navigate reducing employee training time and increasing productivity, smart DESQ also gives you the ability to customize product views using your own colors and graphics, anything from daily specialist to frequently purchased items and specifically detailed product lines.

In addition to custom feeds, you can create specific screen configurations for all of your travel center or store profit centers such as delis or retail areas, flexible-fuel transactions enhance pump control, multiple payment processing options.

A customizable interface is the beginning, smart DESQ helps manage your back-office operations too, smart DESQ integrates with existing back office systems allowing you to automatically update your inventory, accounting system and sales journals, providing you with up to the moment information, streamlining your operations and speeding up processing.

In the shift reports, daily Ledger’s and other back-office features can be accessed anytime through the smart DESQ platform, your existing Christ’ book inventory and general ledger software work seamlessly with smartness making integration simple and easy.

The power of smart DESQ isn’t limited to on-site use, your smart desk’s terminals and functions can be linked to and controlled at an off-site or corporate location, adjust a fuel price affecting multiple locations all at once, run a special on beverage items at stores in a select region, track a breakfast combo special with one or all of your travels and restaurants. Change the price of motor oil at any location.

Smart DESQ POS solution, part of comdata smart solutions platform, integrates fuel retail and other profit centered purchases into a single transaction, delivering speed, convenience and flexibility to your customers while reducing expenses and increasing the bottom line for you, comdata smart DESQ and smart solutions, one touch, one system.

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