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Description: The topic of the article centers on comdata login. The author will show you instructions on installing the Comdata App and how to code transactions. First you need to change your password on your account from the comdata website. Then you go to the app store to download the comdata CEMS app.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to set up your new comdata card for the purposes of coding and recording monthly expenses, following these few instructions will make the process smooth and painless, the first step is to change a password on your account from the comdata standard password.

To do that, please use your laptop, desktop or mobile device, open the internet browser of your choice, in the address bar you will type, when you have that, press enter, it’ll take you to the comdata website.

In the login window, the company ID is bhi, your username will be the first portion of your bhi email, the password is your comdata standard password which is the word password 01, once you’ve logged in, at the top right there’s the option to change password, click on it.

A window will appear enabling you to change your password, it will require you to put in the old password again which is password 01, then feel free to use whatever new password you would like, make it easy to remember but also secure.

When you have confirmed the password, click OK, it will tell you that your password has been changed successfully, click OK, then at the top right of the screen, click logout, now you have successfully changed your password on your comdata account.

Next we will go through the process of downloading the app for either iPhone or Android users, I will give you a step-by-step instruction on how to install the comdata app on your iPhone, from the home screen you will see the App Store icon, click that icon, look for the spyglass search icon on the bottom of your screen, press on the search icon, this will take you to the search menu.

In the search bar type in CEMS to find the comdata CEMS app, if you have downloaded this app before, there’s an icon of a cloud with an arrow, if you have never downloaded this before, there will be a rounded box with the word get, touch the get box, downloading will commence.

When the download is complete, the get button will turn into an open box, press that open box, the program will load, when the program loads, a window will appear, settings are incomplete, you still need to provide some information to your iPhone, press OK, it will take you to your home screen.

When you are at the home screen, touch the Settings icon, it will take you to the settings menu, when you’re in the settings menu, swipe up to find the apps, when you’re in the apps, look for comdata, press on comdata, it is nice and easy. You are now prepared to enter expenses through the app on your phone.

Next I will provide step-by-step instruction on how to install and download the comdata app on an android device, on your Android device go to the Google Play, search CEMS, be sure to not download comdata mobile, make sure that you are downloading comdata CEMS.

Once you have found the correct app, press accept to allow the app to access camera and photos, once the app is downloaded, open the app, press the Settings button on the bottom left of your mobile device, you will see that the company ID, username and password need to be set on your Android device.

Press each of the options and complete as you did on the comdata website, company ID is bhi, user name is the first portion of your bhi email, your password is the new password that you set on the comdata website earlier, then you are ready to start entering expenses.

Next I will give you step by step instruction on the process of entering and coding expenses, the first step to the coding process is to take a picture of the receipt with your mobile device, do this before anything else, any loss receipt will be subject to review and may be the responsibility of the employee to pay.

By taking a photo of the receipt first, you are making a copy of the receipt in your phone in case anything happens during the coding process, once you have the picture, open the comdata app, at the top you will see the current date, if the current date is the same as the transaction, you will not need to do anything.

However, if the transaction happened on a different day, you will need to press the set button and adjust the date on the date wheel in the app, once the correct date is displayed, touch the done button, it will take you back to the main screen.

The next step is to enter the dollar amount, when that is complete, please describe the transaction to the best of your ability, in the notes section please include the job and face that the transaction can be coded to, as a bonus point if you know the cost type, please include it as well.

Next you will touch the choose picture button and find the picture of the receipt in your photo library, when you have uploaded that, the receipt will show in the window of the comdata app, then you will touch the accept button, you have coded a transaction, thank you for taking the time for this training, if you have any questions about the process, please call me.

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