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Adventures in Walmart Buying Condoms

Description: The following article is mainly fixed on the content about the condoms that people can buy from the supermarket of walmart, the author shows us the procedures and the experience when he buys it and some other details about it.

They’re already open, somebody got acceleration, I’ll take this back to her, look like a salami, how much the chief is packing, I’ll bow to 47, those are rip material, pull their magnums, we will pay for this stuff separately.

We’re doing columns, the smallest like a bump, if we can’t find any, we get saran wrap, I need the smallest, but the cheapest is Magnum, so I will tie rubber band on why you are going, you can’t buy the smallest condoms, they have without it and retarded.

We’re doing harass to any communist, we’re going to the front to pay for my condoms, but announcing the Walmart, you need small condoms there, I have a dollar, I don’t want to bother you, it sounds like rip material, that’s why Jason has six kids, we’re going to title this.

The Adventures of Walmart pick up in turn, I didn’t figure these things, there’s children around here, there wouldn’t be children around that way, I want to use these for three bucks, only viewer discretion is advised smallest, I don’t know Trevor just picked.

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