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Chat of Condoms for $14 at Walmart

Description: The article is about condoms Walmart. The following material is mainly about the statement from a woman who is going to talk about something related to condoms that are sold in Walmart. She analyses the prices of different condoms and helps people to select the right size of them.

I couldn’t make a video last week, because honestly, I didn’t know what to make at the time and I didn’t know the results of my tests, I do know the results of my tests, but I don’t know what my doctor is going to be doing for me.

She’s supposed to get the results, but she didn’t, I called on Friday and they said that they didn’t work, they didn’t get the results, so I have to call them back today, we can see if they got the results, if they still didn’t get the results.

Then I’m going to call up the other place, so I’m going to be talking about this today, this is a good way of saving some money, as you could see, it’s about fourteen dollars and eight has thirty six thirty six of them now, I’m not a hundred percent sure, so if I’m wrong, please correct me.

But I’m going off, my husband has told me that he had bought one box of condoms for about five dollars, give or take and it was from what he said, it could have been three or four, he does not remember, he’s not sure, but this was about four months ago, I’m going to lean toward three condoms, but like I said, if I’m wrong, drop the comment in the comment section, now let’s begin.

Let’s say for hold on one second, it’s for per box, so let’s see how many boxes and how much money you’re going to have to spend getting the four in a box, let’s see one two three four five six, so nine now, if you don’t know nine times five equals forty five forty five dollars, you would be spending, that’s rounding off.

He is right, it is three one two three four, I’m sorry, one two three seven eight nine ten eleven twelve twelve times, if you didn’t know twelve times five equals sixty, you’re spending $60 every time, you want to get the small little box well not every time.

But you wanted to have six thirty six times sixty dollars in the box,that is not small and it comes like this, like one two three four hold on one second, one two three four five six six, so you have six and it’s multiples of this, obviously, it goes into 36, if I said it, but the only reason why I even have these is that in case one day I want to do something, I want to go to sleep afterwards baby wipe or whatever.

I know it sounds gross, but for the most part, I take a shower for the most part, so this is the website, it’s, it’s sold and shipped by Walmart, you can go to the store, I bought it at the store, I didn’t buy it online.

So you can either do online or you can go to the store and see it says pickup today, so let’s see copy over, I am going to be putting the address on the description, so if you want to buy this online or you want to check it out, see if you like any more of their brands and know that they’ve got a lot.

If you could see they definitely do have a lot, I don’t know if all of them are in the store, I know that the one that we wanted, he wanted the ultra thin, I want this one, if you liked this video, give it a thumbs up, if I’m wrong, you want to correct me, drop it in the comments, if you want to know more about the things I talked about, feel free to subscribe, thanks and take care.

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