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Condom Prank on Walmart Worker

Description: The article mentions some examples to show the topic of condoms in the walmart, it contains the example of Pepsi’s, since the author wants to see what will happen when he launches these Pepsi’s in the sky.

What’s poppin squad? If you’re new, welcome to the squad wade post bengis, I’m feeling hype under the j-squad, I picked up this Pepsi can and I also have a ton more Pepsi’s, so let me know what I should do in a video with the rest of the Pepsi’s.

I want to see what happens if I use this blade here to try to cut open this Pepsi, we’re going to do the experiment and try to open this up in the center and see what happens, I’m looking over here while you do that, we try to open this up with this, I shook it up too, I want this thing to explode.

If it doesn’t explode, I feel scared, launch it, we launch it, you knocked it down, I don’t know why I bought so many Pepsi’s, but I want to see what happens when I launched these Pepsi’s in the sky, if you ever wonder what it looks like, that was a quick crazy experiment to see what would happen with that Pepsi cans.

You probably figured out what would happen, but be ready because tonight is going to be lit and we’re at Starbucks to get a quick cup of coffee, so we got a Starbucks, I got a black mango iced tea.

Once you have to have this drink, have you tried it? I’m sure I try it in a vlog, did you record it or I don’t know about recorded, but this isn’t probably my favorite drink bars, we arrived at Walmart and it’s 3 a.m. and you love these three challenges, so tonight, at Walmart, I’m going to be pranking everybody at 3 a.m., it’s always lit if you haven’t hit the subscribe button below, hit the notification bell, so you are the first ones to see every single prank to it.

I can give you a shout out, everybody calm down below, start spamming the comments saying where you got, you could do as prank doesn’t get kicked out, please it starts to spam the comments, I want to see ten comments from every single person, make sure their separate throwing.

I’ll try to calm it back to you, let’s get it, so I’m looking for condoms, but I need something that od like a small-sized 12 months, there’s like a windshield wiper, I had like a residue on my window, it was from glue, it was like a tacky stuff on my windows, I need to get it off, but I tried using glue gun and it made a matte.

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