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Trying On Condoms At Walmart Prank

Description: The article continues to cover the content of condoms in walmart, we will be shown by some examples and experiments to make the concept of it clearer.

I can try these, there were sitting on the shelfs Georgian lubricated, I got to make sure last time, I tried on, they didn’t fit, I don’t want to make that mistake again, I can try these on, what is it? This is the battery, no it’s a condom.

If you have the other Lube, that’s something that you would have to ask customer service, you have changing rooms, I have washrooms over by the automotive desk, single occupancy, they were sitting in the sports, they’re good, we all saw those.

We did well last time, I got this and they didn’t fit on one, make that mistake again, I have any word, try them last time, what I did was that I made a mistake of getting the wrong ones, I want to make that mistake again.

I made the mistake getting that one, I’ve changed rooms, there’s no price tag on them, I can help you with as far as a reuse, I cannot help you, you have change rooms for this, I made the mistake of buying this last time, because this one’s got the flowers, the flared shape enhances sensitivity.

This one doesn’t have that, I’m new here, you’re new here, I didn’t know much of our video, this is sitting in one of the support silos, I think this one isn’t working, you have something that will help me out for that.

These are sitting in your aesthetic section and is there a place where I can try these on judge, you have the lube, for this thing isn’t working, it’s like its flared shape, it gives you Lube, do you have Lube that will help in this situation? You can change rooms to try this on.

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