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Walmart Condom Prank Ownage Pranks

Description: The following article shows us something about condoms in the walmart, the author talks about condoms and gives the demo to measure the size of it.

I can’t answer that one, I don’t know if you were to get guesstimate, I can’t ask them, let’s talk about it, don’t be shy, I’m not talking about nothing, it wouldn’t be kidding me happening, but on you come down here, try it and see what happens.

We will help you, put it on, I will not help you, put on yourself, what if it doesn’t fit, I don’t get a resource, you have a good day, I speak to somebody in the pharmacy, I talk to them about some condoms that would be pharmacy.

You don’t sit down, breathe baby, I still love you, don’t worry, I was trying to find out some information ace about what the biggest thing was, I’m having some troubles, what did you need a big-ass condom for my big ass, I don’t know how else to tell you.

I’d like to save, this is big enough, I’m sorry at its essence, you’re a threat, if you were to compare penises to hot dogs, how many hot dogs? I’m trying to figure up, I can ask that one up, the width of my penis is like 14 hot dogs, so if that can fit well, not 14, I’m sorry, seven, I doubled it, if you were to put seven below hot dogs in the condom, that’s how big you would be, I don’t know if it’s a pity to God, if it were a guesstimate, what would you say?

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