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Copper Chef at Walmart As Seen On TV

Description: The following article mainly focuses on giving us a review of copper chef that we see in the walmart, we will be shown by some procedures to cook with the pans we can buy from the supermarket.

We’re doing a review of copper chef, I called the company, they sent it to the show, you could do all your cooking inside this one pot or a pan or a square saucepan.

Let’s take a look, there comes with a little deep fry basket, this connects on there, I’ll get that all connected in a minute, we’re not using this, here’s a little steamer tray, so you can set this in there and then put water underneath and steam anything you want in this.

I didn’t see that coming, I got utensils, so you pull things out, let them drip, I got a spoon, I didn’t know this came in list in the package, a spoon, a spaghetti, thingamabob er and a spatula, then here is the celebrity, they give me the whole.

I got another pan in here, I don’t even see it coming. I haven’t seen this at all, but look at this bottom that disperses the heat evenly, this is good for gas, those electric stoves induction tops, that’s right, these are induction.

If they got a cool coating or anything, but they’re supposed to be nonstick and all that good stuff, so we put it to the test, look at that, it’s on both good designs, the recipe books easy, we’re doing mac and cheese right now.

I also want to tell you this goes up to 850 degrees which can withstand the heat on this nonstick metal, so that’s the heat limit which I don’t think anybody can get that high on their stove, maybe they can, but it is also oven safe.

I don’t recommend putting the lid, I haven’t seen that, the lid is oven safe, when it pans up and safe, I’m using extra sharp cheddar cheese, I will grade it myself, you’ll see me use pre-shredded cheese all the time on the show, because I’m lazy, but I try and start grating my own cheese.

We’ll see how long that lasts, you got a little cornstarch large elbow macaroni heavy cream, we’re going to bring in a cup of water for this recipe, I basically read this thing five times, because the recipe is so simple, I’m forgetting something, so what I’m going to do is to put all the ingredients in the pan, I want to make sure that I get the heavy cream, put in the cornstarch with heavy cream.

I want to get that all mixed together, first I know it sounds crazy, but I want to make sure that we get that all dissolved in there, put our cheese in, watch seriously, pour the raw, let’s get our water in here, that will help us mix this all up, put it on there, cook on a low flame, stir occasionally and you’ll know what it’s done.

When those noodles are all cooked and it’s all creamy and beautiful, I turn my back for a minute and it started bubbling over, luckily I checked it in time now, I made a few decisions, sometimes I change things when I’m filming this, it looks beautiful, it cooks so fast under 20 minutes.

If you’ve ever put red pepper flakes in your mac and cheese BAM, do it, I’m telling you to take it to another level it does, I did this in Las Vegas, once they had a mac and cheese bar, I mix cheddar cheese and blue cheese literally, I had them, put red pepper flakes in it and it was the best I’ve ever had in my life.

Let’s put it all out here, give it a try, look at how much it makes, put this on the table, let people serve themselves, everybody takes a little bit, it’s creamy, we cooked it in the heavy cream, not in water.

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