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Copper Chef at Walmart Portable Induction Burner on QVC

Description: The following article mainly covers the topic of copper chef in walmart, the author will show us different kinds of cookwares and some more information on how induction cooking works.

I’m going to make searing demos in a second with my chicken, but what I want to do is to turn this down to 75, you can see my water’s boiling, I could take a dollar bill, put it underneath the pan and boil my water.

It won’t burn up the dollar bill, that’s not dollar bill, that’s a 10, because the ten dollar bill is not magnetic, so it can’t get hot, so what are some of the things that you can do with induction?

You can slowly cook, because you can set the temperature exactly, so if I want to slowly cook at 275, we have up-and-down temperature for you, so you can take it down by 5 degree increments, you can take it up, so you get to put it.

However you like it and then leave it there, we also have a timer, the timer is amazing, because you put the timer on and you can set it for whatever you want up to 150 minutes, when the 10 minutes goes off, it shuts off, so it has all these features built in.

Can I show you anything that I think is remarkable? We’ve got this induction cooker set at 360, because when you fry 350 360s where you want to be perfect, I took a great big basket full of frozen french fries and drop them down into that preheated oil, do you see that it’s lagging at all now.

When your temperature drops in your oil, 800 is gone now, we did not bring a lot of these, what you don’t want to do is to miss out on it, we have had it available as a separate purchase and we have mentioned it before.

But we’ve never done a full presentation on it till today, it’s so much fun to do the presentation on here, you can see I have my chicken on the sear mode, so we’re going to sear those up now, what I could do is to throw them in the oven.

I want to talk about the different kinds of cookware, if I have the right cookware and the copper chef, it works steel cookware, as long as it’s 18, that’s going to work, this is a cook’s essentials piece lake crew, it works on cast iron, it works on all clad, so there are a lot of cookwares out there, that’s induction.

If you have our beautiful copper chef pan, you’re covered any copper chef product that we make that goes on the stovetop II award is induction safe, so whether it’s the 11 inch frypan, whether it’s the fork or the original, whether it’s this one that we showed you today, the safe induction technology is incredibly safe.

The area fish young man, can I tell you half the quantity we brought in, this induction burner is gone 1200, I have 800 people on the phone line, I have 1200 left, fewer than that now, so if you’re looking to be able to cook with your copper chef pans, they work.

If any of your current cookware, if you can take a refrigerator magnet pop it on the bottom of your cookware and that magnet sticks, it will work on this cooktop. How important will it become Mother’s Day and Easter to have an extra burner to be able to have a little extra something to keep something warm?

When your ovens are full and every on the stove is a grouchy dish, it’s great for keeping things warm and we are also excited about these french fries coming out here. I’m not going to slim, mislead, I’m all about the fries now, I have fewer than 700 remaining.

As we wrap up on this and the fries continue to get crispy and delicious, it’s our golden spatula Ward’s today, Eric has been a longtime member of our QVC cook family, but over the last few years, he has become a global phenomenon in and through his work with copper chefs.

Let’s move along and talk about induction cooktop now, an induction cooktop is one that requires your pan to adhere to a magnet, a magnet will stick to it, the Loveless Cafe magnet to be exact, if it adheres to a magnet, your cookware will work on this induction cooktop, what’s amazing though the cooktop itself.

I love this technology, I changed out my kitchen, so I have an induction cooktop at home now, that’s how much I love it now, what I did is that I cut a pan in half and I put a plexiglass cover on top of it, because I want to show you how induction cooking works now.

This is our copper chef pan, its induction is safe, but the induction cooker is creating the pan to be hot, the heat source on regular cooking comes from the bottom and the cooking surface is hot, look at what I can do, I can put my hand down in front of the boiling water, you can put ice cubes down in front of the boiling water.

If you did that on a glass, you could never be able to do that, that would be liquid, so this is the entire burner here, only the pan gets hot, so what I love about induction cooking is not because it’s cool and you can do cool fun demonstrations with it, but it’s faster, because it turns your pan into the heat source, it’s more efficient, because there’s no heat escaping.

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