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Copper Chef Perfect Egg Maker Review of 14 Eggs at Once at Walmart

Description: The article is about copper chef walmart. The material mainly covers the introduction about a new product which is a copper chef perfect egg maker that can make 14 eggs at one time. We will be shown by several steps to make eggs with the heating element.

This is the copper chef perfect egg maker, it’s a device that can make 14 hard-boiled eggs at once, but doesn’t work, let’s find out in today’s review, you have a heating element, you add water to that and then you put on one of your egg trays.

If you want to make a small omelet, you can put that there, poached eggs there, otherwise, you can put seven eggs here or you can do the double-decker route add seven more on top like that, this is the power button that goes on, but it goes off by itself, so all you have to do is to add water, hit the button and it’s ready to go.

So with that in mind, let’s get started and see how it works, we’re going to start with the opening act here which is a poached egg, it’s a little bit strange about it, you’re supposed to use this tray for your poaching, your eggs any instructions, it shows you how to put the tray on top of this.

So I was expecting the poaching tray to be about the same size, but it’s smaller rests on there on the box, it shows something a little bit different, but in a screenshot of the original commercial which I’ll show it here, it does show it resting on the tray like that.

So I’m going to go with what they show in the instructions poaching tray on top of the egg tray and see how it goes, I’ve sprayed it with cooking spray to make sure to the stick as the instructions say I have water upper the poaching and omelette line that goes in the heating element here.

Here’s the tray that goes in there first and this rests on top which seems a little bit awkward, but that’s what we’re doing, it turned off by itself, so let’s see what we got here, it hissed at me, what do you think? What’s kind of warm can I have?

It’s sizzling some little bit leery about touching it, it’s definitely an unusually shaped poached egg, trying to be as gentle as I can, I’ll use this plastic spoon here, it’s not sliding exactly out there, we go, there’s one and I broke it, it was stuck to the bottom, I thought I had it, here’s what we got.

That’s a weird shape, don’t you think so? What shape is that? It’s like an eyeball or something like an alien, like an evil alien eyeball, there’s what we got with that, I’m going to take a bite of one of these and see how it tastes, it’s not rocket science, but it tastes good.

So I think it worked for the poached egg, we’re going to go for the 14 hard-boiled eggs using both of these, but one thing I noticed on the poached egg is to look at this, there must have been some sort of egg mist floating around inside of there that settle on the bottom, because it’s not to clean this out.

I wasn’t expecting that, not a huge deal, but not something that I anticipated, so let me click it, clean out the egg mist and start the next round, look at the instructions for 14 eggs, need 75 milliliters of water.

The second step, you’re supposed to pierce the egg bottoms with this pin locate on the bottom of the measuring cup, clear about where you’re supposed to pierce, you’re supposed to appear it on here, sit on the wide part which I’ll do that and then place it hold up.

You got my hole there, put it in sweet form, so let’s rinse and repeat this about thirteen, more times cue the fast motion Asche motion over, got the first seven done, now we’re going to go to the upper deck, that’s right we’re making fourteen of these babies.

Let’s keep going, we get fourteen beautiful eggs in here all punctured with the holes facing up, I got the water in the bottom, I put the cherry on top, isn’t that beautiful? Who needs to make hard-boiled eggs, you have a display like that, you should display that in your kitchen like that.

Plug it in that cord which is short, they don’t want you to knock that over power button pressed, what are the instructions? It should take about 15 minutes to do 14 of them, they don’t recommend doing more than seven eggs for medium or soft.

But they do recommend for hard, I’m curious, if the ones on top come out the same as the ones on bottom since you would think these are closer, the heating element and those, but who knows I’ll be very curious takes a minute.

You push the button for anything, start happening, it’s been about 15 minutes, the light shut off one thing, I was going to point out, it doesn’t ding a bell or a ring or anything, it turns off, so if you’re not watching, they could shut off and you won’t realize it now. They recommend throwing them with some ice water for best results, so that’s what I’m going to do.

Next I’m going to use my clever tongs and get them out of here, I’m going to set this one aside and put that in last, so I can keep track of it, I see a little egg, there’s an egg, this is going to be like that, when I keep track from the bottom, this is going to be the one I keep track from the top.

This one is from the top, this one on the bottom, so I’m going to know how to check those first, put these soak in this ice water for five minutes and then try those two out, I noticed a burnt smell, so I took the bottom tray off and look at this, what’s that? That looks like some sort of burnt egg mist, we’re back to the egg mess.

But this one, I don’t think I’d be a chemist with it, I don’t know, but there’s this burnt stuff in the bottom which I’m going to have to clean out all very surprising and disappointing, I didn’t think this part would ever have to be cleaned that much.

But I’m not to clean it, there are instructions to peel it under cold running water, it’s been sitting in ice water for six minutes, this is the one from the top, I mean it seems to be a waste of water, could you help me get that? It is strong, that was very easy appeal, I will give him credit for that, we came from the bottom rack.

That was easy to pee, I’m giving him credit man, this one came out good too, let’s cut these open and see what if there’s any difference inside, this was cooked on the top rack, this was the bottom rack, let’s cut these to open, I mean I think that came out nice, they peeled nicely, they came out nicely, I made some success, I’m happy with it visually.

They definitely came out perfect, so let’s see how they taste, I don’t know, everybody likes to taste tests, but some people like them, it’s not overcooked or undercooked and there are no hunks taken out from trying to peel, so I think it did come out perfect ,Brent come in here, singing, you are ready to eat some more eggs, come on, more eggs, go in the fridge.

I made some, go in the fridge, grab an egg, I want a third party opinion on how this goes, so you’re going to have to eat it, so I want to see how well appeals, because this is the perfect egg maker and that’s one of the selling points I want.

I want your opinion as appealing, I will test on this, because I suck at peeling eggs, but I’m off to point out, when I peel eggs there, we look at that big hunk of it, look at that boom sweet, so the fact they’re coming out smooth is impressive for the perfect egg maker.

I don’t do it, I got a stop here, because I literally had poached eggs for breakfast and hard-boiled eggs for lunch which I didn’t feel like eggs to begin with, so I’m at a stopping point now, but here are my thoughts.

So far on this product, I’m surprised that it works as well as it does, to be honest, because I was thinking with the two layers that the top one might not be as done as the bottom, that wasn’t the case, the ones that tried from the top and the bottom seem to be well done.

I also like the fact that it didn’t forget it, you turn on the water does this thing and when it’s done, it shuts off by itself, it’s easy to use, you don’t have to sit there and watch it and wait for things, there are two minor complaints which I don’t think it is deal-breakers.

But there are two minor complaints, the first complaint is that the heating element has to be clean which I’m completely surprised about, but whatever is happening in there, all that steam is getting egg mist on it and it settles in the bottom, you got it to clean that out.

When I did 14 eggs, it was burnt on the bottom and there was a burning smell, so that was a little bit surprising, the other thing I wish they had done is included a ding or an alarm or some sort of sound, when it’s done, because it shuts off, if you’re not watching, you don’t know those two minor complaints aside.

So far, it’s working surprisingly, I have more tests to do, I was thinking when I got done, I was going to crack it, open the top layer would be a bunch of runny half-cooked eggs, but they weren’t there which is easy to shell as well.

Let me finished my remaining test and see if they hold up as well, so not everybody wants to get a 14 eggs at once, what if you want to wake up and have one or two eggs, let’s see how that works for the perfect egg maker, we got two eggs, I’m going to soft boil these water measured out.

It’s 1936, we’ll see how long this takes to do two soft-boiled eggs, the instructions weren’t wrong, it’s been exactly six minutes and that shut off with no notification, but it shut off ice water for five minutes, then we crack him open, I’m not doing the running water thing like they suggest, to me, that’s a waste of water, I’m going to try it.

I’d normally do it, I have a bad feeling about this, the shell is stuck, I’m not a huge fan of software legs, so I think that is a soft-boiled egg, I think that would certainly qualify six minutes, the perfect egg maker and then five minutes in the ice.

I think it came out about what I expected, this has absolutely nothing to do with the copper chef perfect egg maker, but I want to have bail in my video for a second, I wanted to point out that there is one product that Bailey gets excited.

When she sees that, it’s the Gravatt, there’s hair all over it, but when Bailey sees me, get to grab it, she knows I may be throwing the ball to her, because this is what I use for, I gave me a better with it, that’s all, the hair got in there, I sometimes pet her with it.

She’s getting hair on the back now besides a couple of complaints I have which is the heating element needs to be cleaned and the there’s no notification, when it turns off, it’s a single-use product, other than that, it does work as advertised.

If you’ve watched my channel for a while, you know I’m not usually one to be enthusiastic about a product, I’m not enthusiastic about it, but it does seem to work as they claim which is something that not all products, do now, is it better than the traditional method of making them Arbour legs?

Some people seem to struggle with a traditional way, if you’re one of those people, this might be a good product for you, in fact, that also makes a big number of eggs, 14 in a small space, the copper chef perfect Tecna maker was marketed back in 2017.

The website they advertise is no longer there and I can’t even find the product on the copper chef’s website, but it is sold in stores, I found in a Walmart for about 20 bucks, have you used the copper chef perfect egg maker or something like that? Tell me what you think in the comments below, please follow my social profiles for progress pictures and videos, please subscribe for more product reviews to meet James White.

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