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Copper Chef Walmart Review 4 Months Follow Up

Description: The article shows us that the author has been using copper chef pans for four months, he wants to tell us some reviews about the pans and tells us the benefits we can get from using them and the rules we need to follow if we use them.

I’m going to do a four-month review of a product and to prove you that it’s been four months, I’m out here in the snow and to prove you that I use these in the RV, it’s December, it’s been four months that I’ve had these pans and I figured I would give a review on them, I’ll try to keep it quick.

These are the copper chef pans, I do not work for copper chef’s, I am not connected to them in any way and I am not going to receive anything for giving a review of these pans, I don’t fault people that do that, but this doesn’t help me in any way, hopefully, they’ll help you with Christmas coming up, people are looking for a gift.

Honestly, I use these every day now, I will admit this is the steamer and a basket, you can do pasta in, I have never used these, so I assume they work and I think they’re still in great shape. I’m in an RV and I travel a lot, I like that, they were lightweight and I wanted something that worked on induction and these were relatively inexpensive and they work on induction.

I will not make any claims that these are the greatest pans in the history, but they’re good, they’re solid, I like the light weight and I like the two pans, if you can limit yourself down to these amount of pans, you’re doing well.

I think there are a few rules to these, I have applied, never leave them on heat for no reason, you know what I mean, if you try to heat up a pan and you want to do it relatively quickly, you can put these in the dishwasher, I have never done, I never put pans and dishwashers.

I don’t have a default dishwasher, obviously, it’s not intended for camping, they don’t think you should be putting this on a fire, but I have cooked with this on the induction cooktop electric burner in my house.

I have a family member that bought a set of these before I did, one of their pans has been discolored, but it’s still nonstick and slips, I think I got a clip here, but I’ve cooked cheese, we got the pan getting hot, because we make a cheese, you can slide around copper chef panic.

I’m doing the review and I wanted to show you this is cooking a meal where I overcooked it, when I show you how well they clean up, so I’m happy with these, but I wanted to show you this after that.

This is the pan and it is in fine shape see, proof that it is December 14th now, these pans have done everything that I have hoped, they are nonstick, there are some downsides, I tend to be one of those people that bangs a utensil against a pan and these pans are very thin which are good in an RV.

I think they tried to make them hollow, so they wouldn’t, but they can get hot, so you have to be careful of that, I think in my initial review, I read you do not want to put these directly into water to wash them.

When they’re still hot, they are so thin, you could warp these pans easily and I haven’t done that and they’re still in good shape, I don’t know if you can see it in the pan, if the light will hit it, you can see that circle and that circle is this heat plate.

There is a hotter circular section, I’ll throw some water in it and boil some water and you can see that the center gets a little bit laughter, I haven’t noticed that is a problem, but it is a thing, I want to boil some water in here to show you that ring.

I’ll take the lid off, so you can see it, it’ll take a tiny bit longer, you can already see a ring forming, where the bubbles are going to be, so it’s circle heat plate is obvious, but I still think it disperses the heat well on the bottom of the pan, it still seems to have that, so that’s enough of that.

I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing, because it seems to dissipate the heat across the bottom of the pan, but I’ve never found it to be a problem with this pan, these pans are forgiving, hopefully a lot of people knows what that means.

I would highly recommend them to anybody, maybe it’s me, but it’s important for me to say I’m in no way benefiting from telling you if these are good or these are bad, I think they’re good pans, I’ve heard other people be unhappy with them and there might be some truth to that, but for me, I’ve been happy with them.

There are some good reviews and bad reviews, so I was happy that somebody had purchased them, after four months, I’m very satisfied with these, I can guarantee the same experience for you, because I don’t think everybody on the Internet is out there lying to say that they were unhappy with their pans and I don’t think everybody will say they’re happy with them, all I can tell you is about my firsthand experience, if I were to lose these, if they fell out of the RV while I was driving, I would replace them and buy another set.

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