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Red Copper Pan 5 Minutes Chef at Walmart Testing As Seen on TV Products

Description: The following article mainly covers the information about Halloween stuff, the copper chef will show us the ways he tries to make an omelet pizza and a cherry pie and some other procedures he prepares for Halloween.

Halloween stuff is already starting to come out, so I thought I would take advantage, I have a few costumes that I’ll be wearing in some upcoming videos, so I’d start with this tonight.

I have one of these things, I don’t know what it’s called, but I thought it was cool, so I got one of these armors and I even got a shield, I got it at the dollar store, let’s get to the reason why you’re on this video.

Today I have this thing, do you know what this is? This is red copper 5-minute chef, many people have requested about this and I finally got my hands on it in the infomercial, she does pizza an omelet and a dessert.

Today I will try an omelet pizza and a cherry pie, this is the best part of my costume, I’m not going to take more of this thing, you need to subscribe, you can see all my cute costumes, they’re coming up, I’ve got a spatula, it’s red copper, it’s a five-minute chef, because everything can be cooked in under five minutes, you believe what’s wrong.

I’m scared to open these, I have pie filling with extra cherries, let’s start with the easy stuff, first, I scramble up an egg and then I have some cut-up little hot dogs, there’s one hot dog, this is supposed to get hot on both sides.

I think I love this, there were two eggs, we close it, we’re going to cook that for three minutes, she even flips this little thing over, so you can flip it over, we’ll do that, we try that too, you even get this fancy little spatula, she thought of everything on this one, let’s open up some of these other stuff, keep the sauce.

Let me flip it back, big reveal eggs, they’re perfect holy smokes, it’s a beautiful thing, she puts out these amazing products, I’m going to flip it into the plate, so you can see how perfect they are, I’m going to do it, you can look at that perfectly cooked eggs, wipe this down, this is how you clean it, you wipe it down, we’re going to grab a little piece of this pizza.

I have the pizza cutter, we’ll do this, my husband doesn’t eat anything that I make for him, he’s such a good husband, the pizza sauce in the middle, she says five minutes, we want it to be a tipper.

I wonder this one, we can flip over, we close it, snap it one more minute, and it’ll be ready for us pizza and five minutes, because it’s about that big.

Next we’re going to make a little cherry pie, because I’m so excited, we’re ready to look at that perfectly cooked frickin pizza, we put the pizza in no time to look at that, I’m going to mess it up now, it’s so perfect, Jedi is trying to catch all the crumbs on the floor that I am drawing.

There’s the bottom piece of my pie, I think I have to go bigger, because I want to make sure it comes up the sides, I think it’s better now, we put our cherries in the middle, I think it’s all sealed, what do you think it’s a patch job.

Let’s close it, snap that banner three minutes on the clock, let’s do this, I think it’s ready in three minutes and Jedi is ready for another treat, that was my fault, let me read the instructions to see what she says about the pie.

Everything else has been perfect, we’ll leave it for three, so let’s open it, I should flip it, we should have a flip, you’re supposed to flip it, that’s part of the experience. I’m going to make another one, look at the perfect two pies out of that crust, I want to get this, so it doesn’t squeeze out. That’s good enough, close it, I think you have another hit on your hands.

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