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Costco Anywhere Visa Credit Card Review Costco Citi

Description: This article is designed to talk about Costco Anywhere Visa Credit Card which is an option for those who shop a lot at Costco and introduce some of the benefits of the program.

Today we are going to talk about Costco Anywhere Visa Credit Card, this is an option that if you shop at Costco a lot, you can rip a lot of benefits, but there are a lot of rules that make it less flexible than it should be.

So to begin, we have 4% cash back up to $7,000 at Costco or regular gas stations, after that it goes to 1%. One rule is that, if you go to Walmart gas station or supermarket gas station, you only get 1% which is unfortunate.

You also get 3% cashback on restaurants, travel purchases worldwide, then 2% on I think it can 3% to be competitive with other places, at least it should be more than 1%. And you get 1% on everything else.

And the downside of this cashback program is that you only get all of it at the end of the year, they give you a certificate credit and you can get the cash to purchase at Costco. And also it is on the basis of an effective account. It is a good program but they are trying to keep you shopping at Costco.

In terms of the finances, there’s no annual fee, but that’s not exactly true because you have to be a Costco member to get the card so you are paying Costco membership, but the good thing is if you get the card, you can use it to get into the Costco, it can work as a Costco member card as well.

In terms of the additional financial factors, APR introductory is 0% for 7 months, after that it goes to 15.74% and that’s the same for the balance transfer APR. You have a balance transfer for $5 or 3% cash advance APR of 25.74% and a fee of $10 or 5%.

And you have a penalty APR of 29.99% as well as a foreign transaction fee of 3%, this is where I think the world wide is a little bit of contradiction because you can use world wide but then you have to be hit with the foreign transaction fees.

It’s not a perfect system but if you are a regular loyal Costco member, this is a good card because 4% consistently on gas is hard to get. For most cards, you only get 5% in a couple of months, in this case, 4% consistently until you get to the 7,000, it’s a good system.

If you are not a big Costco member, you might want to look at some cards else

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