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Rules to Know Costco Citi Credit Card Login Applications 2 Years Rule

Description: This article is going to be talking about everything you need to know for a Citi credit card application including some application rules, some bonus rules and how they affect your applications

Today we are going to talk about everything you need to know for a Citi credit card application.

The first thing we are going to talk about is some application rules and then we are going to talk about some bonus rules and how they affect your applications. The first rule is 1&8 which means that you can have one application every eight days. If you want two Citi cards in a short amount of time, you can apply it on the first day, and wait for another 8 or 9 days before applying for another.

The second rule is 2&65, this means that you can have two Citi application every sixty-five days, any subsequent applications will automatically be rejected. If you apply for a Citi card today, then you have to wait for eight days to apply for another then wait for sixty-five days to apply for the third one. Most people don’t apply for many Citi cards because there are a lot of rules related to the bonuses, but we are going to talk about it.

Business cards have an additional rule called 1 in 90, so you can only apply for one business card every 90 days, otherwise subsequent applications will be rejected. There is one thing to be aware of which is business card counts i&8 rule and 2&65 rule, and 1 in 90 rule as well.

So these three rules are hard rules that are fixed and built in the system. There are some of the soft rules that might apply to you. First, there is a 1 in 60 rule, which means one application every 60 days, but this rule doesn’t apply to everyone, I think it only applies to those who don’t have Citi credit cards or bank accounts.

The next rule is 6&6 which means you can only have six hard inquiries in the last six months, otherwise, automatically, you will be rejected, the hard inquiries are not specific to Citi, it is also applied in the Chase Ones, American Express, Bank of America. I think this applies to those who have relatively low average of account.

The next one to be aware of is that you can only get a bonus for a specific product group once every two years. This rule isn’t only based on when you got the last card, it is also based on when you do a product change, and cancel a card. This play a huge role because it decides what card you should apply for.

The good thing is that you can product change between cards freely, as long as it can meet the credit limit requirements. If you get a targeted offer, you can get around the two-year rule, but it won’t rely on it too much. So my recommendation would be applying for the no annual fee card first and apply the one with the annual fee.

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