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Citi Visa How to Make an Online Bill Payment

Description: This passage is going to be talking about how to make a payment online which is an easy way to make you payments by saving time and money.

At Citibank, making a payment online is an easy way to make your payments, saving you time and money.

Everything begins with your Citibank online dashboard. You’ll see the navigation bar near the top of the page, click on the payments and transfers tab to expand the menu options, select add a bill payee from the Quick Links menu.

On the add a payee page, you’ll be able to fill out all the information required to set up a new payee on your list, you can set up any payees, utilities credit card bills, and even doctors. Here, we’re adding a new business.

First, select whether you would like to pay a credit card or another business. To begin, select the type of business that you would like to pay, then enter in the company name as well as the account number associated with that company.

We simplify this process by connecting you to businesses already in our merchants directory, that way most of the information can be prefilled for you. Click on the correct business to add them to your payee list, if this is the correct business, click Next, you are then able to create a name for the payee, so that you can easily identify the payee from the payee list on the payment’s page.

This confirmation screen will summarize all the details of your new payee. Once you verified all the information, you can click on add this payee to add them to your list, you will receive a confirmation that your payee was successfully added.

If you already set up a payee from the payments and transfers page, click on the pay bills menu to view the list of options available, then click on the make a one-time payment option, click on the selected payee.

Next specify the amount you’re sending and when you want the payment to go out, you can also mark your payment with a memo for your own personal records, making it easy to reference the transaction at a later date if needed.

When you’re ready, click on the next button, before your payment goes out, you’ll get a confirmation pop-up,so you can make sure you’re sending out the correct amount. If all the information is correct, click on OK. After confirming your payment, you’ll be presented with a summary screen of your transaction.

If you need a receipt, click the view record button, your receipt will appear within a new window that you can print at your own convenience.

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