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DirecTV Now Setup

Description: The article is going to show us some useful instructions and different options for us to login to DirecTV, containing some examples for us to follow.

You are in the DirecTV now, you go to your opus, the menu, Quick Links Entertainment DirecTV now, it’s going to take you to the login.

When you sign up for DirecTV now, they have two different options, you can go ahead and verify their number, get to $10, if you’re on the a little bit of plus or you can create the account, I find it easier.

If you create the account, you put one in, put an email that you can sell returnable, copy or paste, we’ll type it in, then you create a password, it helps to be at least eight characters.

We’re going to do direct one two three four in capital D. I’m not a robot, you’re going to go ahead, what we’re pushing 60 channel to plus, as it’s going to see it, that’s normally $35 to continue with this plan from there ignore the HBO Cinemax Starz.

If they have down a little bit of place, they’re going to get any skips, you can ask if they wanted Amazon fire stick or if they want, you have to prepay one month.

We’re going to go ahead, I have a streaming device, you’re going to put your credit card information or PayPal information, if you’re not on limited choice or a little bit less and you want to give them a free or a human a one-time monthly with trial instead of 35 basically getting 50% off, you’re going to capitalize in all caps DTV now.

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